2022 Elekta Plan Challenge

February 8, 20221 minute read

The 2022 Elekta Plan Challenge is now open.

Please Note: This plan challenge is for Elekta Monaco® users only.

Our plan challenge complements the Elekta Planning Academy library of training exercises with a unique, once-a-year, international Monaco planning event with a special case study designed in conjunction with a clinical partner. This year we worked in close collaboration with GenesisCare.

Patient case, clinical background:

The patient was diagnosed with two left pulmonary adenocarcinomas. SBRT was chosen due to multiple lesions, previous treatment to the contralateral lung, and numerous co-morbidities making other treatment modalities difficult. Without this treatment option the patient would have likely been referred out to another institution.

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Ian Quin, Stacy Alvares, and Jennifer Davis
Ian Quin (left), Director of Service implementation at GenesisCare, Stacy Alvares (center), Clinical Operations Specialist and Jennifer Davis (right), Director of New Technology implementation – Dosimetry at GenesisCare have been closely collaborating with Elekta on the 1st edition of the Elekta Planning Academy plan challenge.

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2022 Elekta Plan Challenge: SBRT Lung