2020 TROG Plan Study & Contouring Workshop Results

March 17, 20206 minute read


As you probably heard (or had guessed already), the annual in-person TROG meeting was canceled to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 around planet earth. However, TROG did have web-based presentations, so we are happy to announce that the interactive “Population Results” tools have been activated for both the 2020 TROG SBRT Liver Plan Study and the 2020 TROG Contouring Workshop. Please sign in to study the results and to see your performance vs. the anonymous population of your peers.

Also, we are very honored to publish a few of the individual high performers. These are organized into the following sections of this article:

  • Special Recognition: SBRT Liver Plan Study
  • Special Recognition: Contouring Workshop
  • Full List of High Performers: SBRT Liver Plan Study

Finally, note that your Achievement System tracking has been updated with your participation and scoring. The point thresholds for the plan study achievement levels can be found here.

Special Recognition: SBRT Liver Plan Study

Please see this summary table of special recognition achievements from the plan study. You can find the full list of High Performers in a later section.

Participant NameInstitutionCountryTPS ModelDeliveryMUScoreSpecial Recognition
Brian NealNew Jersey ProCureUSARayStationProton149.72Top Score Overall
Christopher PeckRadiation Oncology AssociatesUSACyberKnifeCyberKnife149.04Top Photon Plan Score
Top CyberKnife Score
DAI JIAQIElektaChinaMonacoVMAT8373148.66Top VMAT Score
Perumal MuruganSri Shankara Cancer Hosp. & Research CentreIndiaEclipseVMAT4712148.42Excellence in Efficiency (MU)
David LittlejohnVarian Medical SystemsUSAEclipseVMAT4410148.12Excellence in Efficiency (MU)
Frank Simac21st Century OncologyUSAEclipseIMRT DMLC7516148.03Top IMRT Score
Vincent C. DaoustCharles-LeMoyne HospitalCanadaPinnacle3VMAT1369147.53Excellence in Efficiency (MU)
David StewartPrince of Wales HospitalAustraliaRayStationVMAT3669147.11Excellence in Efficiency (MU)
Daniel SullivanGrand Valley State UniversityUSAEclipseVMAT4564146.31Excellence in Efficiency (MU)
Top Student Score

Special Recognition: Contouring Workshop

The following four tables show the top three anatomy contouring participants (as compared to the TROG clinical team) for the specific organ-at-risk (OAR) structures that made up the TROG contouring workshop.


NameInstitutionCountryInitial Dice
Joong-Yeol WooSheikh Khalifa Specialty HospitalSouth Korea0.825
Kenneth NgAustin HealthAustralia0.809
Noor Naslinda Noor RizanGleneagles Hospital PenangMalaysia0.783


NameInstitutionCountryInitial Dice
Kenneth NgAustin HealthAustralia0.901
Daisuke HoriNagasaki genbaku hospitalJapan0.893
Noor Naslinda Noor RizanGleneagles Hospital PenangMalaysia0.899


NameInstitutionCountryInitial Dice
Noor Naslinda Noor RizanGleneagles Hospital PenangMalaysia0.674
Kenneth NgAustin HealthAustralia0.666
Jibin ThomasSouth Nassau Communities HospitalUnited States0.655


NameInstitutionCountryInitial Dice
Ray DalfsenElektaAustralia0.940
Wesley GrovesChancellor Center for OncologyUnited States0.937
Cory NeillROAUnited States0.937

Full List of High Performers: SBRT Liver Plan Study

Congratulations to the following all-star roster of international radiation therapy professionals! There were so many high-quality plans submitted (!) so this list is truncated to any plan score greater than 142.

OverallParticipant NameInstitutionCountryTPSDeliveryMUScore
1Brian NealNew Jersey ProCureUSARayStationProton149.72
2Xuanfeng DingBeaumont HealthUSARayStationProton149.63
3Gang LiuWuhan Union Hosp. / Beaumont Health SystemChinaRayStationProton149.36
4Christopher PeckRadiation Oncology AssociatesUSACyberKnifeCyberKnife149.04
5DAI JIAQIElektaChinaMonacoVMAT8373148.66
6Anthony SimonStereotactic Specialists, LLCUSACyberKnifeCyberKnife148.61
7TSO GARY KA YUSt Teresa`s HospitalHong KongEclipseVMAT20400148.43
8Perumal MuruganSri Shankara Cancer Hosp. & Research CentreIndiaEclipseVMAT4712148.42
9WangluAnshan Cancer HospitalChinaMonacoVMAT11725148.38
10Drew GranatowiczNebraska MedicineUSAEclipseVMAT9810148.29
11Simon HeinzeKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT11568148.28
12David LittlejohnVarian Medical SystemsUSAEclipseVMAT4410148.12
13Kai Leung LiSt Teresa’s Hospital Oncology CentreHong KongEclipseVMAT11384148.04
14Erin RosalesNebraska MedicineUSAEclipseVMAT7312148.04
15Frank Simac21st Century OncologyUSAEclipseIMRT DMLC7516148.03
16Ray DalfsenElektaAustraliaMonacoProton147.89
17Friedemann HerberthKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT16738147.89
18Vincent C. DaoustCharles-LeMoyne HospitalCanadaPinnacle3VMAT1369147.53
19Rolland JulienIPC CHICAS (Centre Hosp. Int. des Alpes du Sud)FranceRayStationVMAT5092147.37
20David StewartPrince of Wales HospitalAustraliaRayStationVMAT3669147.11
21Anneleen GoedgebeurUZ LeuvenBelgiumRayStationProton146.63
22Roberto PellegriniElektaItalyMonacoProton146.62
23Daniel SullivanGrand Valley State UniversityUSAEclipseVMAT4564146.31
24Vanessa MagliariVarian Medical SystemsUSAEclipseProton146.25
25Nicolas DepauwMassachusetts General HospitalUSAAstroidProton146.12
26James O’TooleGenesis Care Mater HospitalAustraliaEclipseVMAT5461145.71
27Megan TattersallElektaUSAMonacoVMAT4440145.69
28Jonathan StenbeckPrisma HealthUSAEclipseVMAT3370145.45
29Jiahan ZhangDuke UniversityUSAEclipseIMRT DMLC8052144.95
30Scott SenickVarian MedicalUSAEclipseVMAT5012144.55
31Nick WestNCCCUKRayStationVMAT3338144.36
32Noor Naslinda Noor RizanGleneagles Hospital PenangMalaysiaMonacoVMAT7398144.31
33Kazuyuki UeharaKobe Minimally invasive Cancer CenterJapanEclipseVMAT3109144.12
34Brian DoozanUS OncologyUSAEclipseVMAT5924144.11
35Gajendran NRegency Healthcare, Kanpur (India)IndiaEclipseVMAT4918144.01
36Hisato NaganoShonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hp.JapanRayStationVMAT3676143.97
37Thomas Costantino21st Century Onc / Rad Tech UnivUSAEclipseVMAT9438143.79
38Norifumi MizunoSt. Luke’s International HospitalJapanRayStationVMAT3535143.52
39Kati McCordGreenville Health SystemUSAEclipseVMAT5475143.5
40Jarrett BielataIndiana University School of MedicineUSAEclipseVMAT3899143.36
42Bruce HaPeter MacCallum Cancer CentreAustraliaEclipseVMAT5993143.09
43Dustin Alex WhittingtonSelf Regional HealthcareUSAEclipseVMAT4426143.03
44Alejandro RinconesInstituto del Cancer SOLCA CuencaEcuadorEclipseVMAT7838142.81
45Ben BH YAP5D ClinicsAustraliaCyberKnifeCyberKnife142.72
46Yu-Wen ChangBellin HealthUSAEclipseVMAT5814142.69
47Anthony HuynhPiedmont Atlanta HospitalUSAEclipseVMAT4667142.56
48Dalibor LojkoOUSA BratislavaSlovakiaEclipseVMAT8384142.35
49Yu LeiUniv. of Nebraska Medical CenterUSAEclipseVMAT3166142.34
50Alex BurtonPeter MacCallum Cancer CentreAustraliaEclipseVMAT7530142.17
51Tomas ProchazkaMasaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteCzech Rep.EclipseVMAT5839142.14