2018 TROG - SRS Brain Plan Study Results

April 24, 20185 minute read

This post contains the following:

  1. Summary
  2. A walkthrough of a few interesting plans
  3. Lists of high performers (top 50)

1. Summary

The SRS brain plan study for the TROG 2018 annual meeting was a success. The scientific planning team was made up of Nick Hardcastle, Laura O’Connor, John Shakeshaft, Annette Haworth, Olivia Cook, and Monica Harris. They did a great job of selecting a good dataset and designing a plan scoring algorithm that was both challenging and comprehensive.

The results were first presented at the 2018 TROG annual meeting, which took place on March 19-22 in Hobart, Tasmania. Download a copy of their presentation . (You can also find this presentation on the “Learn” tab of this plan study’s module.)

Interactive population results are activated for this plan study. Feel free to visit there, where you can see the distribution of scores and all metric results, measure comparative effectiveness of different delivery modalities and planning systems, and even look for interesting correlations with the custom scatterplot tool. Just sign in to ProKnow, select organization “TROG Cancer Research,” select the SRS Brain plan study, then go to the “Population Results” tab. Even if you did not participate by submitting a plan, you can still visit and study the results. It’s free and open to all!

2. A Walk-through of a Few Interesting Plans

A few of the interesting plans are summarized in the video posted below.

3. High Performers (Top 50)

A list of the high scorers by absolute plan score is shown in the table below.

We have not filtered out any plans of questionable practicality (very high monitor units, number of beams, etc.), but it is certainly a good topic of conversation for future studies. “Practicality” is hard to quantify based on DICOM files alone, especially for SRS plans, but you can see from the results below that some planners produced very high plan scores with some pretty efficient delivery schemes.

NameInstitutionCountryTPS ModelDelivery Type(s)# BeamsMUMachine InfoPlan Score
Daniela SchmittUniversity Hospital HeidelbergGermanyCyberKnifeRobotic368045CyberKnife146.23
David Littlejohn, CMD, RTTRadiological Technologies UniversityUnited StatesEclipseIMRT (DMLC)2224702XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)145.83
Frank Simac21st Century OncologyUnited StatesEclipseIMRT (DMLC)3542561XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)145.67
Dalibor LojkoOUSA BratislavaSlovakiaEclipseIMRT (DMLC)3625572XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)145.61
Jan GarčicMasaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteCzech RepublicEclipseIMRT (SMLC)1216622XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)145.13
Thomas CostantinoRadiological Technologies UnviversityUnited StatesEclipseIMRT (DMLC)2032275XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)145.07
Jennifer BackDayton PhysiciansUnited StatesEclipseVMAT4044624XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)144.85
Friedemann HerberthKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT1014769XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)144.71
Simon HeinzeKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT1012070XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)144.63
Kirby DeLozierWinter Haven HospitalUnited StatesEclipseVMAT2531174XMLC (5.0, 10.0 mm)144.57
Derek SizemoreKalispell Regional Medical CenterUnited StatesEclipseVMAT610249XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)144.48
Anisoara Socoliuc ToquantKantonsspital St. GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT815576XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)143.87
PeterSir Charles Gairdner HospitalAustraliaCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife143.68
Michael JenkinsPrincess Alexandra HospitalAustraliaGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope47GammaKnife142.96
Chase FordKRMCUnited StatesEclipseVMAT610929XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)142.69
James O’TooleRoyal North Shore HospitalAustraliaEclipseVMAT2125240XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)142.64
Oliver BlanckUniversity Med Center Schleswig-HolsteinGermanyCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife142.11
David StewartPrince of Wales HospitalAustraliaMonacoVMAT2231413XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)142.11
Yuuta MiyakeElektaJapanMonacoVMAT510977YMLC (2.4, 2.5 mm)141.75
Ben BH YapSir Charles Gairdner HospitalAustraliaCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife141.75
Megan TattersallElektaUnited StatesMonacoVMAT1726435XMLC (5.0 mm)141.5
Maria MatveevaJSC MedicinaRussian FederationEclipseVMAT49736XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)141.42
George BorzovRambam Medical CentreIsraelMonacoVMAT620995XMLC (5.0 mm)141.05
Sai subramanianYashoda hospitalIndiaEclipseIMRT (DMLC)2017785XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)140.72
Tomas ProchazkaMasaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteEclipseVMAT610540XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)140.64
Yizhen WangTrillium Health partnersCanadaEclipseVMAT311298XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)140.63
Joshua HackWVU Cancer InstituteUnited StatesGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope26GammaKnife140.04
Gavin WrightLeeds Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustUnited KingdomGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope46GammaKnife139.46
Julius AmbatNSW HealthAustraliaMonacoVMAT1825059XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)139.44
Wesley GrovesChancellor Center for OncologyUnited StatesEclipseVMAT1534986XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)139.34
Florian StielerUniversität MannheimGermanyGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope34GammaKnife139.01
Hannah AugustusUniversity Hospitals Birmingham NHS TrustUnited KingdomCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife138.83
Timothy JacksonUHBUnited KingdomCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife138.75
Weonseop SeoKyungHee GammaKnife centerSouth KoreaGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope18GammaKnife138.75
Alan BrownSCGHAustraliaCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife138.49
John J. GalloEastern Maine Medical CenterUnited StatesiPlan RT DoseVMAT3121412XMLC (2.5, 5.0, 7.0 mm)138.35
LynnAppsMonacoVMAT614370YMLC (2.5 mm)137.76
shaomin zhangAbington Jefferson HealthUnited StatesEclipseVMAT612489XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)137.68
Oliver GuevaraBCCACanadaEclipseVMAT88282XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)137.27
Elsebe KirknessSir Charles Gairdner HospitalAustraliaCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife136.84
Andrew LeRoyal North Shore HospitalAustraliaEclipseVMAT1944242XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)136.78
Bruce PhillipsSouth Florida Radiation OncologyEclipseVMAT1010992XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)136.66
Haruka HomitsElektaJapanGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope60GammaKnife136.5
Colin SimsAccurayCyberKnifeRoboticCyberKnife136.35
Marc LevivierCHUVSwitzerlandGammaPlanStatic Radioisotope108GammaKnife136.32
Clare PorteousElektaAustraliaMonacoVMAT1422114XMLC (5.0 mm)136.04
Daniel PapworthGenesis Cancer CareAustraliaEclipseVMAT1024508XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)135.43
Arun GandhiYashoda HospitalIndiaEclipseVMAT1030016XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)135.04
ShaunVarianAustraliaEclipseVMAT47748XMLC (2.5, 5.0 mm)134.62