2018 AAMD Plan Study - 5-Target Breast

May 4, 20182 minute read

The 2018 AAMD plan study will be officially open on May 5, 2018. It will be available to radiation
therapy professionals worldwide!


Plan Overview

The prescription is 50 Gy (25 x 2 Gy) to five targets: (1) BREAST PTV EVAL, (2) LUMPEC PTV EVAL, (3) SUPRACALV PTV, (4) AXILLARY PTV, and (5) IMN PTV.

To find this study, first sign in to ProKnow, then select organization “AAMD,” select “Plan Studies” (top menu), and there you can select the 2018 breast study. You will also find the target and organ-at- risk (OAR) metrics and scoring functions, as well as detailed instructions.

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Great News: CE Credits for Submitting a Plan!

Participants can earn 2 CE credits through the MDCB for participating in this study, provided (1) a plan is submitted to the study, (2) the plan meets all minimally-required objectives for all scored metrics, and (3) the composite plan score is 75% or more of the total points, meaning 112.5 points or higher. A list of submissions meeting these basic criteria will be submitted to the MDCB and cross-referenced with its members.

You can earn these two CE credits whether you attend the meeting or not. For those who attend, study participation credits will be earned in addition to those given for attending the results lecture in person.

Planning and Presentation Team

The plan metrics and objectives have been designed by a team of physicians, physicists, and dosimetrists based at Radiological Technologies University (RTU) and Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting (ARC).

The results will be presented by James Wheeler, M.D., Brent Murphy, M.S., and Bruce Phillips, C.M.D. at the AAMD annual meeting in Austin, TX, in June 2018.

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Awards & Honors

As always, ProKnow will announce the high performers: overall and per-TPS and modality. Additionally, we’ll publish interviews with high performers on the “Learn” tab for the plan study.

Getting Started

  1. SIGN IN to ProKnow (www.proknowsystems.com). If you do not yet have a ProKnow account, then create one (it’s free) and sign in.
  2. Once signed in, in the SELECT ORGANIZATION dropdown menu, select “AAMD.”
  3. You can now navigate to the “Plan Studies” main menu and follow the instructions for the plan study, which will guide you on how to download the anatomical data, create and upload your plan and dose, score your plan, and submit your results.