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Elekta Infinity

The clinical freedom to do more for your patients

Flexibility redefined, truly multifunctional

As the role of radiation therapy in cancer care grows, clinics need to offer a wide range of techniques for different indications. Elekta Infinity is truly multifunctional and provides the freedom to tailor your solution to your clinical needs.

Elekta Infinity

Clinical freedom

Change is constant. Flexibility is vital. Infinity gives you the clinical freedom to treat a diverse range of patients with simple-to-complex radiotherapy needs.

Uncompromised performance

Visualize, tailor and safely deliver high-quality patient treatments.

Elekta Infinity

Optimized efficiency

Achieve maximized uptime and deliver superior patient treatments.

By your side

Elekta Care is your partner for success. Our people and technology keep you running reliably and efficiently while helping you to optimize outcomes and grow your practice. We are by your side to support you now and deliver a lifetime of high performance and progress.

Elekta Care