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Radiation Therapy

Precision radiation therapy for everyone, everywhere

Innovative radiation solutions

Through integral precision combined with easy-to-learn, simple and efficient workflows, our range of linear accelerators aim to let more patients benefit from high-precision, personalized treatments.

An Elekta linac is more than a machine—it's a treatment solution—and our gold standard radiation treatment planning and review software, comprehensive quality assurance tools and extensive service options will support you in getting the most out of your linac.

Radiation Therapy products

Elekta Unity

See the difference

More than confident—certain

  • See what you could never see before with anatomy-specific MR imaging
  • Improve outcomes with reduced margins and safe dose escalation
  • Treat more patients with fewer fractions
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Elekta Unity

Elekta Versa HD™

Push the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities

  • High-definition dynamic radiosurgery
  • Anatomically guided accuracy
  • End-to-end confidence
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Elekta Harmony

The perfect balance, without compromise

  • Unlock perfect productivity
  • Elevate precision with versatility
  • Experience more than a linac
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Elekta Harmony

Elekta Infinity

Radiation therapy flexibility redefined, truly multifunctional

  • Clinical freedom
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Optimized efficiency
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Elekta Infinity

Treatment Management Solutions

Towards integrated and personalized treatment management

Increasing demand for radiation therapy around the world creates a need for more workflow oriented, better integrated, and automated solutions for treatment planning and management.

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QA Solutions

Automated and integrated quality assurance in radiation therapy

To help you deliver safe and efficient treatments while reducing admin and non-treatment machine time in your clinic, we offer a suite of easy-to-use, web-based quality assurance tools for Machine and Patient QA.

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Motion Management

Personalized, patient-friendly imaging suitable for the task at hand

The future of radiation oncology, our hardware and software motion management technology innovations enable clinicians to reliably compensate for patient breathing during both internal and external beam radiation therapy, increasing treatment delivery accuracy and clinical confidence.

By your side

Elekta Care is your partner for success. Our people and technology keep you running reliably and efficiently while helping you to optimize outcomes and grow your practice. We are by your side to support you now and deliver a lifetime of high performance and progress.

Elekta Care

Note: Because we are a manufacturer of radiation therapy equipment and related solutions, and not a company of health care providers, we are unable to provide you with specific medical advice regarding a health problem or disease.

Nevertheless, there are a number of high-quality online resources that you may find useful. Among them, the American Cancer Society and the US National Cancer Institute have high-quality information resources that are multi-lingual and available worldwide.