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Elevate your cancer registry informatics

Monitor METRIQ

Effortless data importation

Enhanced interoperability allows you to easily integrate incoming records from MOSAIQ® OIS or other hospital information systems and electronic health records.

Fast and easy data processing

Save time and ensure accurate and complete data with expedited case finding, sophisticated review and acceptance tools, efficient merge capabilities, effective patient follow-up, and electronic updates.

Simplified workflows to elevate productivity

Speed up the abstracting process with simple navigation, intuitive screen displays, helpful keyboard shortcuts, and streamlined remote abstracting.

Enhanced performance monitoring

Optional MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics (MOA) dashboards, designed specifically for METRIQ, allow easy performance monitoring against defined cancer measure objectives.

Robust data security and rapid upgrades

Built and automated on Microsoft Azure, the Elekta Axis Cloud environment offers built-in system compliance, advanced data security features, and multilayer threat protection, freeing you to focus completely on your cancer registry workflows.