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Whatever size your clinic, wherever you are, MOSAIQ Plaza* provides the digital support you need to deliver the best multidisciplinary care possible for your patients - consistently, reliably, and securely - connecting you to every moment of their journey, from diagnosis to survivorship generating real-world evidence.

Working together to improve patients' lives

*MOSAIQ Plaza is not available in all markets

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Elekta now offers powerful solution packages that enhance your team's capacity to care and streamline treatment workflows, so that you can focus on what matters most - your patients.

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Innovating on innovation

Building towards the future of multidisciplinary cancer care, MOSAIQ 3 sets new standards in oncology workflow and information management.

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MOSAIQ® Plaza for Medical Oncology

Power your multidisciplinary cancer care management

Medical Oncology

Explore Medical Oncology

the complete picture

  • Unify cancer care across disciplines
  • View comprehensive treatment updates, wherever you are
  • Maintain a comprehensive, single source of truth
  • Customize and scale to meet your needs

unlimited possibilities

  • Access powerful data with ease
  • Optimize clinical and operational workflows
  • Enhance individualized patient care

tangible benefits

  • Improve standardization and quality of care
  • Simplify medical oncology workflow precision for adult and pediatric patients
  • Gain insights about treatment efficacy and safety to optimize outcomes

Workflow Tools

Streamline your end-to-end oncology operations

MOSAIQ® SmartClinic

A forward thinking platform built around you, your patient, and your team.

Workflow Enhancers

Elevate departmental performance with streamlining tools and voice dictation.

Workflow Enhancers

Solutions Interoperability

Elevate your productivity with enhanced interoperability

Benefit from seamless access to the MOSAIQ Plaza environment for unprecedented workflow efficiencies and a more streamlined working experience.

Full integration with MOSAIQ saves time and effort.

  • Complete MOSAIQ SmartForms quickly and effortlessly with SmartVoice
  • MOSAIQ SmartClinic allows you the freedom to choose your remote device (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Analyze workflows with MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics
  • Apply the power of Workflow Enhancers to elevate your oncology processes

Patient Engagement

Supporting you to support your patients

Elekta offers a range of digital tools to help improve health outcomes through increased patient participation.

Connect to your patients beyond the hospital.

  • Inform and engage patients effortlessly
  • Improve self-management and patient safety
  • Gain valuable insights on treatment efficacy and safety
Patient Engagement

ONC Health IT Certified

Kaiku Health is now eligible for the full patient portal reimbursement, while offering features beyond the traditional portals to improve patients' overall survival and quality of life.


Support your cancer survivors in the long term

Clinical Decision Support

Access evidence-based clinical decision support at the point of care

Harness insights and learning from MOSAIQ Plaza to enhance your oncology pathways, support multidisciplinary tumor boards, and elevate patient care.

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Best-in-class solutions to advance precise and personalized cancer care

Real-World Evidence

Optimize patient care with Real-World Evidence

Obtain powerful insights from across your MOSAIQ Plaza ecosystem

  • Collate and leverage valuable outcome data with ease
  • Gather evidence on therapy effectiveness and safety
  • Enhance personalized, high-quality patient care
  • Better understand the complexities of care pathways
  • Inform ongoing clinical research

Working together to support personalized care

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