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Elekta ONE® Smart View

A forward-thinking oncology platform built around you, your patients, and your team

Smart View* keeps patients at the center of your work, giving you the freedom to work more productively and collaborate safely – from any location, on any device, at any time.

Empower patient-focused workstreams

  • View patient progress quickly and easily with SmartBoards
  • Access a clear, up-to-date patient synopsis wherever you are
  • Obtain an accurate picture of the entire patient journey at a glance
Elekta ONE Smart View


  • View your pending tasks
  • Review and approve documents
  • Check off completed tasks

Patient Synopsis

  • Get a succinct patient overview
  • Check patient chart, treatment status, and appointment schedule at a glance
  • Be fully informed during consultations and MDT meetings


  • Check your appointments for the day, week, or month ahead
  • View appointments by person or by clinic
  • Open a patient synopsis from your appointments list


  • View the care path workflow for multiple patients
  • Track progress and advance the care path without delay
  • Look ahead to forecast and manage workload


  • Ensure each question is based on previous answers with its dynamic design
  • Create new forms to your specific requirements
  • Quickly open and submit electronic forms


  • View and change your personal settings
  • Add tabs and customize views according to your needs
  • Tailor SmartBoards to your specific workflows

Clinical efficiency in your pocket

Smart View supports a wide range of platforms, giving you freedom to choose the device you work on.

  • Enhance team collaboration and coordination with SmartBoards
  • See and act on pending tasks without delay to avoid bottlenecks
  • Take your work and your team with you wherever you go

*Elekta ONE® | Smart View is not available in all markets

Shelby Cancer Care Center

“Smart View will revolutionize oncology workflow”

Dr. Christopher Jahraus, Radiation Oncologist, Generations XRT, ABR Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, Alabaster AL, USA

Unlock seamless growth

  • Expand the power of MOSAIQ with a fully integrated working experience
  • Add new capabilities with seamless access to MOSAIQ Plaza digital tools
  • Connect to your patients, your work, your team, and your data throughout the entire patient journey
Unlock seamless growth

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