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Combining optimal experience with superior dose planning to be accessed anywhere

Elekta ONE | Planning powered by MIM may not be available in all markets.

Excellence, redefined

ONE for all in treatment planning

Designed from best of breed solutions to deliver a superior and consistent user experience, Elekta ONE | Planning offers a solution for a wide spectrum of treatment challenges, techniques, and delivery systems for both online and offline workflows. Because a solution that’s able to do everything, is everything.

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The essence of speed

Experience now the speed of GPU based Monte Carlo Dose calculation and free up yourself from repetitive tasks with automated planning and AI auto-contouring. From treatment planning to decision-making, QA and treatment delivery — this is end-to-end speed in radiation therapy.

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Designed for you

Elekta ONE | Planning empowers personalization in clinical decisions and deployment through workflow automations and enterprise architecture. With easy adoption of MR in RT workflows, and superior image processing — it’s not only built for you today, it’s designed for your tomorrow.

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Speed at every step

Speed up every step of the treatment planning process from contouring to delivery

Accelerated dose calculation

Experience GPU based Monte Carlo dose calculation in seconds

Streamlined workflows

For confident decision making that you can access from anywhere

Automated your way

Free yourself up from repetitive tasks, reduce trial and error, and ensure consistency across plan

Adaptive on demand

Rapidly adapt to each patient’s needs through a wide spectrum of treatment challenges, techniques, and delivery systems

Online and offline

Experience consistent online & offline adaptive workflows

Experience the new era of Treatment Planning

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Elekta ONE | Planning

Excellence, redefined