Monaco 6®

High-precision treatment planning for radiation therapy

Monaco® has recently embraced significant transformations with two major releases and an immediate impact on both workflow efficiency and planning quality.

Monaco 6 delivers intuitive planning functionality for a broad range of treatments, from 3D conformal to stereotactic techniques, with integrated MOSAIQ® data management, auto-planning and unique proton planning capabilities.

Monaco® 6 has CE mark, U.S. 510(k) Clearance and Health Canada Medical Device License. Not available in all markets.

Simplified daily workflow

Transition to Monaco allows huge time savings

Matthew Price

“Integration with MOSAIQ was one of the main drivers for our transition to Monaco.”

Matthew Price, Global Head of Planning Automation, GenesisCare.

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In their recent transition to Elekta Monaco treatment planning system, GenesisCare Australia was looking for a scalable, automated, and fully integrated solution to deploy across 37 radiotherapy centers, spread over 4,000 kilometers. In addition to the gain in workflow efficiency brought by Monaco 6 auto-planning capabilities, the integration with MOSAIQ has brought a massive reduction of risk of error in data management. In just a few months, they reorganized their workflow to save more time for their planners to focus on what matters: Personalizing treatment planning and implementing advanced techniques.

Adaptive treatment workflows with Monaco and Versa HD combined

Fast adaptive planning workflows allow you to respond to changes in the patient. Built on the experience of Elekta Unity state-of-the-art MR-Linac, Monaco incorporates a set of tools to help implementing a triggered adaptive workflow. We call it Response Guided Radiation Therapy (RGRT).

Meet your clinical goals with MCO

How do you simultaneously maximize dose to tumor and protect organs at risk? How do you minimize trade-offs between targets and constraints?

The unique Multicriteria Optimization (MCO) approach in Monaco solves these trade-offs for you in real time. No more need for exploration of all possible treatment options. Instead, Monaco finds the plan that best meets your clinical goals directly.

Find out how in this short video.

Personalized proactive support for your Monaco system with IntelliMax

Elekta IntelliMax® breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Award-winning IntelliMax benefits from the latest AI technology
  • Over 75% of Elekta's predictive maintenance activities are raised by AI algorithms with numbers rapidly increasing over time
  • Multiple patents pending on our predictive capabilities
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Push the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities

Reliability, accuracy, and confidence for any SRS and SBRT treatment

Find out how Monaco and Versa HD enable accurate planning and efficient delivery of highly conformal SRS/SBRT treatments.

Sub-millimetric accuracy

Fully integrated HexaPOD™ evo RT positioning system and IntelliBeam functionality provides SRS confidence.

Target more at one time

1 mm virtual leaves and full 40 x 40 cm field size enable fast treatment of multiple and extremely small stereotactic targets.

Treat more patients, faster

Versa HD with HDRS functionality allows you to perform any SRS/SBRT treatment in a standard treatment slot of 15 minutes or less.

High-definition Dynamic Radiosurgery—Discover the Elekta advantage

"Monaco brings various advantages when it comes to stereotactic treatments. For multiple brain metastases, we use Monaco as it takes full advantage of the Agility collimator, in particular the segmentation. For lung, the Monte-Carlo algorithm gives us the confidence that the dose calculation is accurate, even for very small targets."

Professor Frank Lohr, Director, Radiotherapy Service, Department of Oncology, AOU Modena, Policlinico and Director of the residency program in radiation oncology, UniMORE.

The ideal partner for proton therapy software

The introduction of proton therapy planning in Monaco 6 expands planning capabilities to deliver a complete software ecosystem with MOSAIQ and Elekta ProKnow, and the ability to manage any photon or proton treatment. With fast GPU based Monte Carlo calculation, Monaco provides proton specific tools for efficient spot placement, automated range shifter optimization, LET evaluation and robust optimization to enable powerful yet simple workflows for proton therapy.

Simple, quality, combined

Combining decades of innovation in precision radiation medicine with unrivalled experience in treatment planning and adaptive solutions, Elekta proton software is designed for every moment of the patient's journey. In partnering with IBA, Elekta provides a comprehensive solution fully integrated with IBA ProteusONE and ProteusPLUS proton delivery systems.

Improve daily patient treatment with Proton Arc therapy

Matthew Price

"We did find a lot of potential clinical benefits for a broader range of clinical indications. All the dosimetry plan qualities are significantly improved with Proton Arc Therapy compared to conventional IMPT."

Dr. Xuanfeng (Leo) Ding, PhD, Lead Medical Physicist, Proton Beam Therapy, William Beaumont Health System, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA.

The future of proton therapy. Now for everyone.

One software solution for all

At Elekta, partnerships are key. The team at Willis-Knighton Medical Center, Shreveport, the U.S., are a long-established radiotherapy center utilizing both Elekta linear accelerators and IBA proton therapy machines. Here, they share their experience on our latest solutions and the collaboration between IBA and Elekta.

"Visualization tools, together with the feedback from the constraints sheet, really do help you to do a better optimization as all the information is readily available."

Dr. Kuan Ling Chen Willis-Knighton Medical Center, Shreveport, USA.

Enhanced proton therapy planning

The Proton Therapy Center Czech in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the world's leading providers of proton therapy, having treated over 5,500 patients since they opened in 2012. The center has four treatment rooms, fully equipped with IBA technology, Elekta treatment planning and oncology information management software. Read more about their experience with Monaco proton solution.

"The speed of the GPU based Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm ensures fast planning, and we obtain excellent quality plans."

Vladimir Vondráček, Head of Medical Physics, Proton Therapy Center Czech, Prague, Czech Republic.

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