Elekta ONE

Treatment Applications

Protocol-based treatment management

Building on proven solutions and bringing in cutting-edge innovation to make treatment personalization simpler than ever.

Indication-specific workflows, automated planning tools and intuitive QA solutions allow you to drive consistency in quality and raise the standard of care across your department or hospital network.

Powered by MIM

Elekta ONE® | Planning

Elekta ONE | Planning* is the next generation of treatment applications that form a new standard of excellence. The first Elekta enterprise solution to deliver the premium user experience combined with the superior dose planning to be accessed anywhere.

One solution for all, covering a wide spectrum of treatment challenges, techniques and delivery systems. End-to-end speed and best user experience for decision making.

*Elekta ONE | Planning powered by MIM may not be available in all markets.

Treatment Applications Planning Image

Elekta ONE | Online

A solution designed to rapidly adapt to each patient to deliver the best treatment based on their unique needs. Elekta ONE | Online provides comprehensive and consistent online and offline adaptive workflows on CBCT linac.

Enhance your practice to achieve state-of-the-art care. With new high-definition imaging underpinning workflow automation, and both online and offline adaptive radiotherapy at your fingertips at a pace set by you, you can offer more highly personalized care than ever before.

By choosing Elekta ONE | Online, you gain access to our unified software experience, our dedicated exclusive support which maximizes radiotherapy up-time and our global user community which connects you with like-minded peers.

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Powered by AQUA*

Machine QA

Your smart physics assistant

Unlock real-time insights and transform your QA program with web-based, automated and centralized Machine QA.

*AQUA is not available in all markets

Machine Qa

Powered by DOSIsoft*

Patient QA

Safety without complexity

Maintain patient safety, treatment quality and regulatory compliance with automated, phantom-less and vendor agnostic Patient QA solutions.

*DOSIsoft is manufactured by DOSIsoft and distributed by Elekta. DOSIsoft is not available in all markets

Patient Qa