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Unlock the power of data to enhance patient care

Every day huge amounts of data are created in radiotherapy clinics across the globe. A wealth of insight is contained within these data, but without simple, intuitive solutions, it remains locked away from the experts who need it the most.

By centralizing all your data in a secure web-based repository, Elekta ProKnow®* makes it accessible, which opens the door to new insights.

Tools like peer-review and plan evaluation can be used to maintain quality and consistency in clinical practice, and the automatic capabilities, like auto-contouring, ensure a fast and smooth workflow.

*Elekta ProKnow is not available in all markets

Improve standard of care

Elekta ProKnow – Ask the founder

“The first step to creating workflow efficiency is creating data access.”

Benjamin E. Nelms, Ph.D., Founder of ProKnow® and Advisor to Elekta.

In 2016, Benjamin Nelms co-founded the company ProKnow to bring 'big data' analytics and vital cloud-based capabilities to the field of radiation oncology.

Listen to this audio podcast and hear about the early days of ProKnow, and its recent application in the Elekta Planning Academy and Elekta Plan Challenge.

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ProKnow visionary digital teaching tool

RMIT University in Melbourne are delighted by ProKnow as a tool to teach undergraduates and raise standards while building confidence.

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Automate data analysis of long-term health outcomes

Lydia Wilson is a medical physicist and instructor at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She explains the importance of longitudinal studies for pediatric cancer patients, and how ProKnow has helped her department organize and improve data collection.

Find out more about Dr. Wilson's experience to automate steps of population data analyses and simplify clinical tasks with ProKnow. Watch her webinar.

Streamline clinical trial management

The Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG) Cancer Research has been improving the way in which radiotherapy is delivered to cancer patients for almost 30 years.

Working with researchers from Australia, New Zealand and globally, TROG Cancer Research conducts clinical trial research involving radiotherapy to treat many types of cancers such as breast, lung, prostate, skin, head and neck.

More than 14,500 people have volunteered for a TROG Cancer Research trial. To date TROG has conducted more than 100 clinical trials, helping researchers improve cancer treatments that impact on the outcome and quality of life for cancer patients.

TROG Cancer Research works in partnership with more than 70 hospital and cancer treatment centers across Australia and New Zealand.

TROG Cancer Research has been using ProKnow Systems™ for annual plan and contouring challenges since 2017. The challenges are usually aligned with the current trials Approx. 150 plans and above 25 countries are routinely represented.

TROG Cancer Research recently started using Elekta ProKnow across their network. ProKnow allows streamlined processes for data analytics, peer review and overall trial management. There are also a number of technical and clinical focus groups using ProKnow for various projects.

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Knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer support at National Particle Therapy Symposium in Australia


"ProKnow was essential for the workshop's success. The multi-institutional capabilities of ProKnow provided centres with an example of how this system might assist in a future national particle therapy referral network, especially in MDT review of comparative proton-photon treatment plans."

Scott Penfold, Lead Medical Physicist, Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research.

Improve standard of care for photon and proton therapy

ProKnow provides tool to customize clinical metrics and their objectives into scorecards both for individual patients and across populations. Scorecards help you drive standardization, inspire quality, remove unwanted variation, and justify reimbursement.

The platform also enables comparative effectiveness to help you make data-driven decisions about which techniques, modalities, and protocols work the best for you. The solution supports all planning systems and treatment modalities, including IMRT, VMAT, conventional 3D external beam, protons, robotic radiosurgery, helical arc, and brachytherapy.

Emma Viviers is a treatment planning medical physicist at University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute in the Unites States. Her department has been using ProKnow since 2020 with the intent to analyse their historical clinical data. Read more about her interaction with the tool, and with the Elekta ProKnow team.

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