Patient Companion

Optimize care with real-time patient data

Solving an unmet need in oncology

Real-time patient reported data is crucial to optimize new therapies and improve patient safety. Elekta ONE Patient Companion simplifies and automates oncology workflows through patient-reported outcomes monitoring and intelligent symptom tracking.

*Elekta ONE | Patient Companion powered by Kaiku Health is not available in all markets.

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The impact of digital patient monitoring

  • 57% reduction in phone call burden for healthcare systems1
  • Supports patient self-management of treatment-related symptoms2
  • Self-management recommendations perceived by patients as “very helpful”2
  • Patients believe following self-management instructions can delay or prevent the need to see a doctor3
  • 98% of patients report the platform is easy to use1
  • High adoption rate among older users3
  1. Iivanainen, S. M. E., Ravi, R., Jekunen, A., Arokoski, R., Ekstrom, J., Mentu, S., Virtanen, H., Kataja, V., & Koivunen, J. P. (2021). 1695P ePRO follow-up of colorectal cancer patients receiving oxaliplatin-based adjuvant chemotherapy is feasible and enhances the quality of patient care. In Annals of Oncology (Vol. 32, pp. S1184–S1185). Elsevier BV.
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  3. Data maintained internally by Elekta

Real-time data eases clinician burden

Elekta ONE Patient Companion helps us work more efficiently and provide safer treatment, which is important as we see more and more cancer patients.

Ellinor Haukland, MD, PhD

Clinical Oncologist, Nordland Hospital Trust, Norway

Ellinor Haukland

Results since implementing Patient Companion

The team's workload significantly decreased

Clinicians are no longer burdened with manual data collection.

Fewer phone calls from patients

Calls dropped from an average of 20 per month to less than five because the app provides personalized feedback about symptoms and in-the-moment support.

Improved patient flow in the infusion clinic

Nurses can view lab results and patient-reported outcomes in the app, often eliminating the need to conduct a patient visit before immunotherapy infusions.

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Patient engagement is the future

Real-time patient-reported data integrated into Elekta ONE OIS powered by MOSAIQ is the best way to equip clinicians with timely data to inform critical treatment decision-making.

Patient Companion brings the patient voice to Elekta ONE, allowing patients to stay connected to their care teams beyond the hospital. Recording and using real-time patient data also helps healthcare executives expand their data sets and develop stronger, more versatile data strategies for their organization.

Connect with your patients beyond the hospital

Simplify and automate your oncology workflows

Collect and monitor real-world outcomes

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Provide personalized care

  • Automate symptom questionnaires and address symptoms early with the app to reduce manual work and phone call burden
  • Improve patient self-management and reduce patient uncertainty by educating them about symptoms
  • Stay connected through 1-1 patient messaging and mass announcements
Patient Companion
Patient Companion on phone

Boost work efficiency

  • Save time by streamlining workflows and prioritizing clinical actions based on urgency
  • Automatically generate and transfer documents and appointments from MOSAIQ for a simplified user experience
  • Increase accessibility through mobile access and multi-language support

Gain actionable insights

  • Get a holistic view of patients’ wellbeing and access individual and population-level dashboards
  • Monitor symptoms across all cancer care pathways
  • Inform ongoing clinical research by better understanding and managing toxicities of specific treatments
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