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MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics

Discover opportunities to boost your performance

Fully integrated within your MOSAIQ Plaza environment, MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics streamlines and automates secure data collection from across your organization, bringing valuable insights to patient care and clinic operations straight to your fingertips.

  • View patterns in performance
  • Maximize your operational efficiency and digital agility
  • Ensure efficient, multidisciplinary support for your patients
  • Secure, remote productivity through Microsoft Azure cloud hosting
  • Facilitate participation in care standards and quality studies

Built for your success

Optimize your oncology workstream so you can embrace even higher operational, clinical, and financial success.

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Meeting your needs

Centralize your analytical needs and scale everything into customizable dashboards to fit your center's size.

Unlock simplicity and automation

Leverage limitless visual data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis

Fully integrated working experience for streamlined decision-making

Automated in the Elekta Axis cloud, with built-in maintenance, data protection, and compliance management

Comprehensive insight on care

MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics supports end-to-end review of both Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology care teams, providing near real-time feedback to standardize processes and reduce variations.

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