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Leksell Stereotactic System

The dedicated system for minimally invasive stereotactic neurosurgery

The benchmark solution for stereotactic neurosurgery

Designed by neurosurgeons for neurosurgeons

Right on target

Broad procedural possibilities

Minimally invasive

Reduced length of stay and rehabilitation

Leksell Stereotactic

Established workflow

Leksell® Coordinate Frame is a simple, reliable base, by several imaging techniques. Target localization and coordinate determination is simple, offering a choice of independent localization methods.

The tools used by the surgeon must be adapted to the task and where the human brain is concerned, they cannot be too refined.

Dr. Lars Leksell (1907–1986)

Professor of Neurosurgery,
Founder of Elekta


Transform your neurosurgical workflow with powerful simplicity

Built on the platform of the proven Leksell Stereotactic System, Elekta's Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System takes imaging and workflow to the next level.

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