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Painless, Non-Surgical Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment (NMSC)

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From a leading provider of electronic brachytherapy, skin eBx provides an effective, non-surgical, convenient treatment option with excellent clinical and cosmetic results for appropriately selected patients.1

Elekta Xoft offers patients and physicians a non-invasive alternative to surgery for NMSC treatment. With Elekta Xoft, painless, scar-free treatment of NMSC is possible with skin eBx, a form of high dose rate, low energy radiation therapy delivered in minutes over a short series of office visits.

While Mohs surgery is considered to be the standard of care for NMSC treatment, for some patients, surgery is not an option or a preference.

Skin eBx is particularly ideal in treating anatomically challenging locations, such as the face, scalp, nose, ears, arms and legs, as well as areas prone to difficulties in wound healing. Skin eBx may also be the preferred option for patients who are not surgical candidates due to medical comorbidities, or patients with higher-risk lesions requiring adjunct therapy to surgery. Other skin indications such as keloids are also suitable for treatment with skin eBx.

Why eBx?


A miniaturized x-ray source delivers a precise dose of radiation directly to the cancerous site. This focused approach carefully destroys cancer cells and spares surrounding healthy tissue.


By offering an in-office option for NMSC treatment, skin eBx allows patients to return to normal activities immediately with no downtime.


Skin eBx is painless, scar-free and does not require anesthesia, offering a patient-friendly solution.


Our skin eBx platform comprised of cutting-edge hardware and software was expertly designed to facilitate best in class clinical collaboration and quality of care.

Elekta Xoft

Expanding patient-centric options for value-based care

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We recently decided to adopt Elekta Xoft because it is a clinically proven treatment option for NMSC that offers patients the ability to complete a course of therapy in fewer treatments, compared to alternative treatments. While Mohs surgery certainly has a high cure rate, there are some patients for whom Xoft Skin eBx may be more suitable. For example, patients who are on blood thinners, or who have lesions in difficult-to-treat areas, such as the face, head, or neck. Patients with multiple NMSC lesions may also just reach a point of excision fatigue, and in these cases, they may prefer Xoft skin eBx, as it offers a painless, noninvasive approach to treatment, which yields excellent clinical and cosmetic results.”

Sidney P. Smith

Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic, USA

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Customer support

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