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Radion Hub Peer Review

Centralized, cloud-based software-as-a-service (Saas) solution that enables network-wide peer review

Centralized cloud-based solution that enables peer review within a single center or over a large network

Peer review is a systematic patient safety initiative undertaken by healthcare professionals to improve care. Both the quality aspects of an overall cancer service program, as well as individual patient charts can be evaluated. Peer review allows evaluation of the program and recommendations for practice improvement to promote quality care. This comprehensive platform solution is expertly designed to provide members of the care team a unique approach to effectively prepare for accreditation and maintain a quality initiative in a standardized environment.

Developed by experienced radiation oncology professionals, Radion Hub Peer Review offers an innovative application allowing administrators, physicians and physicists to manage facility infrastructure and develop a quality program to meet best practices for a radiation oncology center of excellence.



Allows for development of equipment combinations specific to any configuration of manufacturers and devices.

Electronic Whiteboard

Assists reviewers in providing the highest level of peer review evaluation, enabling collaborative quality team communication.

Massive, Centralized Database

Tracks facility profiles, treatment equipment, software, hardware and staffing details.

Pre-Defined Data Elements

Populates configurable review questions based on treatment techniques or diagnosis specific to each facility, allowing a reviewer to quickly analyze a cancer service program.

Standardized Workflow

Provides an efficient workflow and a compliant, safe and simplified way to manage peer review and self evaluation to assess accreditation readiness for major accrediting bodies such as ACR, ASTRO, and ACRO.

Metrics and Reports

Captures a real-time automated final report which provides the necessary data to efficiently document and share results.

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What our customers say

“Collaborating with Radion will allow a standardized approach to technical and clinical quality peer review throughout The US Oncology Network. Electronic entry of resource and quality metrics will be easily translated into reports and graphic displays. Benchmarking practice data against quality standards and creating real-time quality dashboards will soon be a reality. This will increase a physician's ability to recognize variations, supporting the delivery of excellent care and helping to advance the treatment delivered to patients.”

Jeff Limmer,
Director of Medical Physics & Quality/Radiation & Imaging for McKesson Specialty Health

“Establishing and propagating a culture of excellence where technical and clinical quality standards are adopted into daily practice is the ultimate goal of The Network Radiation Oncology Quality Committee. The collaboration with Radion is a huge step forward in meeting this objective. Their peer review tool and electronic database will be invaluable in performing the radiation physician and physics peer review surveys and will also provide a venue for storing data that can be utilized for continuing quality improvement. We are most thankful to the leadership of The US Oncology Network for their generous support and strong commitment to quality care.”

Arsyl De Jesus, M.D.,
Committee Chair and Radiation Oncologist at New York Oncology Hematology, a practice in The US Oncology Network


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Availability: 99.0% - As calculated during any 30-day period, not including scheduled maintenance & network provider downtimes. Radion Hub Peer Review requires internet access.

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