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Electronic Brachytherapy

Painless, Non-Surgical Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment

One in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, with more than 5.4 million cases diagnosed annually in the U.S.1 The majority of cancers appear on sun exposed areas such as the face, scalp, nose, ears, hands, arms and legs.

Xoft offers patients a non-invasive alternative to surgery for nonmelanoma (NMSC) treatment. With Elekta Xoft, painless, scar-free treatment of NMSC is possible with skin eBx (electronic brachytherapy), a form of high dose rate, low energy radiation therapy delivered in minutes over a short series of office visits.

While surgery is considered to be the standard of care for NMSC, for some patients, surgery is not an option or a preference. Skin eBx is particularly ideal in treating anatomically challenging locations, such as the face, scalp, nose, ears, arms and legs, as well as areas prone to difficulties in wound healing. Skin eBx may also be the preferred option for patients who are not surgical candidates due to medical comorbidities, or patients with higher-risk lesions requiring adjunct therapy to surgery. Other skin indications such as keloids are also suitable for treatment with skin eBx.






What is skin eBx?

Skin eBx is an advanced, patient-friendly option for NMSC treatment. Skin eBx provides an effective and convenient alternative to surgery allowing patients to return to normal activities immediately with no downtime.

Skin eBx is administered under the direction of a radiation oncologist. Treatment can be delivered in a minimally shielded environment allowing the physician to remain in the room throughout treatment. More than 10,000 NMSC patients have been successfully treated with skin eBx.

How does skin eBx treat NMSC?

Skin eBx uses a miniaturized x-ray source to deliver a precise radiation dose to your cancer lesion. This targeted treatment directs the radiation to the size and shape of the cancerous area, carefully destroying cancer cells and sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Each treatment regimen and prescription will depend on tumor size, type, depth, patient age, prior treatments and other criteria. During radiation therapy, a small surface applicator is placed on the skin where the radiation is delivered.

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Candidates for skin eBx

A discussion with your physician about skin eBx, as well as other treatment options, is necessary to determine if you are a candidate.

The first line of defense against skin cancer is you. You should perform a monthly head-to-toe self-exam for changes to your skin. If you find anything suspicious, you should see a doctor.

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