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Patient Resources: GYN eBx

Electronic Brachytherapy

Targeted Therapy for Gynaecological Cancer

Brachytherapy for gynecological cancers is designed to simplify the radiation therapy process and make it more accessible to patients who are suitable candidates for treatment.

By providing select gynecological cancer patients with a concentrated dose of electronic brachytherapy directly to the tumor site, our high dose, low energy technology offers an accelerated course of treatment as compared to traditional radiation therapy.


No radioactive isotopes

Increased convenience

Minimizes exposure

Clinically Implemented

What is GYN eBx?

GYN eBx is an advanced, patient-friendly option for gynecological cancer therapy. Vaginal brachytherapy delivers a targeted prescribed dose of radiation directly to the site where cancer recurrence is most likely, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue and surrounding organs at risk such as bladder and rectum.1

How does GYN eBx work?

eBx is administered under the direction of a radiation oncologist who will determine the amount of radiation needed. While reducing the number of required treatments, GYN eBx is normally performed as an outpatient procedure, delivered in a minimally shielded setting. Patients do not need to be isolated during treatment and medical personnel may remain in the room with proper shielding.

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eBx for Cervical Cancer

eBx for cervical cancer utilizes a miniaturized x-ray source to deliver high dose radiation to the cervix and/or uterus through a multichannel applicator (a tube and ovoid device).

eBx for Endometrial Cancer

eBx for endometrial cancer delivers the localized radiation treatment through a vaginal applicator.

"I want more women to know about this. I just can't believe how lucky I was to have this type of procedure available to me in my community."

Marianne H., Patient

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