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Case Study: Martin Health System

About Martin Health System

Martin Health System is a not-for-profit, community-based health care organization with 13 locations throughout Martin and St. Lucie Counties in South Florida.

Dr. Wengler, as a breast surgical oncologist with the Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center at Martin Health, regularly treats patients with early-stage breast cancer. In search of an innovative, cost-effective solution to enhance the hospital’s portfolio of breast cancer treatment offerings, Dr. Wengler adopted Elekta Xoft in 2015.

“During my fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, my team used a competing IORT technology, however when I came to Martin Health System, we initiated the switch to use Elekta Xoft because of the reduced treatment time, cost and flexibility.”

“Due to the efficiency of the disposable applicator and the precision of IORT, I am able to perform multiple cases back-to-back.”

Craig Wengler, MD
Breast Surgeon, Martin Health System, Stuart, FL

Martin Health System

The Elekta Xoft System’s balloon-shaped applicators are individually wrapped for sterility and the range of applicators may be filled with varying volumes of saline to best fit the contour of the surgical cavity and allow delivery of a more conformal radiation dose. Eliminating the need for sterilization often reduces time between cases. The Xoft IORT Atlas provides surgeons with 33 pre-calculated (TG-43) plans, compared to alternative technologies that offer limited size options.

In comparing technologies, Dr. Wengler found that treatment with some IORT options can take up to 35 minutes, while the course of treatment with Xoft is usually completed in only 8-10 minutes. The Xoft technology also features a proprietary, miniaturized x-ray source that is extremely flexible, durable and stable. The compact size of Elekta Xoft means that it can be easily transferred to multiple locations within the hospital system. Other IORT technologies feature a larger x-ray source and heavier equipment that is fragile and cannot be easily relocated.

“Elekta Xoft’s portability allows me to treat more patients within a given day.”

Craig Wengler, MD, Breast Surgeon, Martin Health System, Stuart, FL

Craig Wengler

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