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Breast Cancer Treatment in as Little as 1 Day

Explore an Innovative Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment

We are passionate about targeted cancer care expertly tailored to meet patients’ personalized needs. We designed the Elekta Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® to empower physicians with full confidence to precisely and effectively treat cancer and enable their patients to live healthy, high-quality lives.

Elekta Xoft offers patients and physicians a simplified alternative to traditional six-week radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer treatment. Our commitment to this innovative technology is driven by the unique and valuable benefits it offers to physicians, facilities, and patients.

A clinical breakthrough for breast cancer treatment


A miniaturized x-ray source delivers a precise dose of radiation directly to the tumor site, the area with the highest risk of recurrence, immediately following surgery.


IORT may be utilized to deliver a single fraction or boost dose. IORT boost may allow for reduction of subsequent traditional radiation therapy by approximately one week.

Reduced costs

By streamlining the delivery of radiation therapy, IORT offers a cost-effective solution for both physicians and patients.3


IORT with Elekta Xoft is delivered at the time of surgery, offering a simple, 1-day treatment solution and improved quality of life for appropriately selected patients.

Elekta Xoft

What is Breast IORT?

Breast IORT is an advanced, patient-friendly radiation treatment option. With IORT, a complete, concentrated dose of radiation is delivered in one treatment during surgery. Traditional external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) involves daily radiation treatments for six to eight weeks. This may result in patients electing a mastectomy rather than breast-conserving surgery, or failing to comply with follow-up treatment.

IORT can be delivered in one day. IORT uses a miniaturized x-ray source to deliver a full course of targeted radiation directly within the tumor cavity where the cancer is most likely to recur, carefully destroying cancer cells and reducing the risk of damage to nearby healthy tissue including the heart, lungs, and ribs.1 This helps reduce potential side effects which are more common with whole breast irradiation.2 With IORT, radiation therapy can be adapted to the personalized needs of the patient.

Radiation Therapy Options Following Breast Conserving Surgery

100% of patients in a clinical study were very pleased with the Xoft breast IORT treatment experience and outcome on follow up visits.4

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Elekta Xoft may not be available in all markets.

Emerging applications include prostate, pancreatic, and colorectal. Our commitment to this innovative technology is driven by the valuable benefits it offers to physicians, facilities and patients.

What our customers say

“Our ongoing research with Elekta Xoft for early-stage breast cancer corroborates the mounting long-term evidence supporting 50 kV IORT as a treatment option that is as effective as weeks of daily radiation fractions. Xoft IORT can spare patients who are candidates from the need to make multiple trips to the hospital for treatment, with the added benefit of fewer side effects and comparable recurrence rates. It not only offers added convenience for women, especially those living in remote areas who must travel great distances for radiation, it may be particularly comforting for women who want to minimize their potential risk of COVID-19 exposure.”

A.M. Nisar Syed, MD,
Radiation Oncology, Todd Cancer Institute, MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center

“The use of Xoft IORT for multiple cancers, including early-stage breast cancer, gynecological cancers, and nonmelanoma skin cancers, is quickly gaining appreciation globally due to promising data and results substantiating its feasibility as well as real-life treatment experience. We have used Elekta Xoft for the treatment of multiple types of tumors at our facility, including breast, skin, gynecological, and now brain tumors. The precision and flexibility afforded by Xoft can spare patients from numerous trips to the hospital and has helped position our facility as a leader in cancer care by offering the versatility to treat a broad range of cancers.”

“We’re very familiar with the Xoft eBx System, as our hospital has performed hundreds of treatments with the technology for breast and gynecological applications. As such, we are confident we will treat more metastasis in the future using IORT.”

Reyes Ibanez, MD,
Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza

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Customer support

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