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Vaginal Applicators

Key component of complete Elekta Xoft, an integrated, radiation therapy platform solution

Simplified, targeted radiation therapy

With a range of expertly designed applicators for both endometrial and cervical cancer, simplified, targeted radiation therapy for gynecological cancer treatment in a minimally shielded setting is possible with GYN electronic brachytherapy (eBx®).

Elekta is the authorized exclusive distributor of Xoft products in Brachytherapy. Xoft products are manufactured by Xoft Inc. and may not be available in all markets.


Radiopaque applicator for improved visibility on images

On/off capability for enhanced radiation safety

Fast dose fall-off enables treatment in a standard room with minimal shielding requirements

Accelerated treatment time increases operational efficiency and patient satisfaction

Vaginal Applicators

Flexible, precise and personalized

The Axxent® vaginal applicators are a key component of the Elekta Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System®, empowering targeted brachytherapy in the vagina and rectum.

The vaginal applicator set provides four channels for the miniaturized x-ray source to deliver isotope-free, high dose rate, low energy radiation treatment. Combined with the comprehensive capabilities of Elekta Xoft, the vaginal applicators offer an attractive option to physicians and patients for improved flexibility, precision and personalization in the targeted treatment of gynecological cancer.

Axxent Products

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