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Physics Accessories Kit

Ensures proper functioning of Elekta Xoft

Quality assurance

The Axxent Physics Accessories Kit allows physicists to perform quality assurance tests to confirm that Elekta Xoft is operating properly.

Elekta is the authorized exclusive distributor of Xoft products in Brachytherapy. Xoft products are manufactured by Xoft Inc. and may not be available in all markets.


X-ray source length gauge confirms the source length is within the specification and provides the source length position offset dimension

Applicator depth gauge verifies the balloon applicator lumen length is within the specification and gathers the applicator length position offset dimension

CT-compatible marker catheter represents possible x-ray source pullback positions within a balloon applicator and is visible using a CT scanner

Fluoro-compatible marker catheter represents potential x-ray source pullback positions within a balloon applicator and is visible with fluoroscopic imaging

Pullback travel indicator verifies distance accuracy

Storage and carrying case permit convenient portability and ensure the protection of the kit

Physics Accessories Kit

Confirm key parameters

The versatile Elekta Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® utilizes breakthrough electronic brachytherapy technology to provide expanded treatment options for a range of cancers. With Elekta Xoft, highly focused therapeutic radiation of the disease target is possible in a minimally shielded setting, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Prior to treatment, the kit, with its specialized gauges and catheters, may be used to confirm key system parameters and component specifications.

The shielded test fixture allows quality assurance tests of Elekta Xoft while concurrently providing a shielded environment for the x-ray source. The kit is a valuable tool that ensures proper functioning of Elekta Xoft.

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