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Axxent® Hub

Software component of the Skin eBx platform solution

Cloud-based solution

The Axxent Hub is a cloud-based repository that enables documentation, quality assurance and treatment management.

Elekta is the authorized exclusive distributor of Xoft products in Brachytherapy. Xoft products are manufactured by Xoft Inc. and may not be available in all markets.


Treatment Management

Provides a compliant, safe and simplified way to manage patient treatments.


Facilitates real-time notifications supporting care team clinical collaboration, optimizing time management and increasing return on investment.

Electronic Whiteboard

Assists physicians in providing the highest level of patient safety and satisfaction through secure, collaborative care team communication.

Physics Calculations/ Recalculations and Second Checks

Automates a second check for physics calculations immediately following dose prescription entry, documenting series of sign-offs required on dose calculations in electronic patient chart.

Metrics and Reports

Reports real-time performance metrics providing the necessary data to efficiently manage a skin eBx program.

Billing and Documentation

Captures detailed documentation and billing activities for physician approval.

Integrated environment for patient workflow

The Axxent® Hub is the software component of the skin electronic brachytherapy (eBx®) platform solution, expertly designed to provide all members of the care team with a single, integrated environment in which to manage patient workflow, thereby improving operational efficiency, reducing the risk of systematic errors and facilitating best in class clinical collaboration.

The Axxent Hub provides real-time performance metrics and reports based on patient treatment data. Superbills and daily charge capture summary reports streamline billing and office workflow.

Developed by experienced clinical professionals, the Axxent Hub offers an innovative application allowing physicians to manage patient volumes and treatments, organize patient dose prescriptions for multiple lesions, and develop best practices, policies and procedures for a skin eBx program.

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Online Treatment Management

Availability: 99.0% - As calculated during any 30-day period, not including scheduled maintenance & network provider downtimes. Axxent Hub requires internet access. In the event there is no internet access, treatment will still continue by means of uploaded files onto USB drives.

Axxent Products

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