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Performance you can rely on

Treatment certainty in a safe way

We're committed to treating patients in the safest manner possible and providing treatment certainty for patients in the most efficient way.

Safety through simplicity

High performance selector

Maximizing the selector uptime

Treatment communication console

Improved performance

Optimization of key behavior

Uninterrupted operation

Image guided brachy

Faster treatment—up to 30%*

Elekta Flexitron helps your clinical team work safely and efficiently, enabling the precise execution of all steps in the workflow to proceed as planned.

*Data maintained internally by Elekta

As head of the university department, I always want to be on top of new developments. I believe with Flexitron we have made a sound investment for the future.

Prof. G. Kovacs UMC

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


More than 40 years of brachytherapy innovation

Building on the legacy (7th generation)


Empowering through education

Peer-to-peer education platform for brachytherapy professionals

The BrachyAcademy comprises a complete peer-to-peer medical education library and includes programs such as clinical workshops and training visits to leading hospitals worldwide.

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about brachytherapy

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We've created our online educational brachytherapy portal for patients and those who are supporting patients throughout their curative treatment, to provide key information and to help those affected gain an understanding of brachytherapy.

Visit about brachytherapy

By your side

Elekta Care is your partner for success. Our people and technology keep you running reliably and efficiently while helping you to optimize outcomes and grow your practice. We are by your side to support you now and deliver a lifetime of high performance and progress.

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