PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, September 6, 2006 Elekta has published its Annual Report for fiscal year 2005/06. The report is available on www.elekta.com together with other documentation for the Annual General Meeting.

In the President’s comments, Tomas Puusepp, President & CEO of Elekta concludes that; “Elekta’s product portfolio is currently stronger than ever. It is young, highly competitive across the line and truly unique in many respects. It is noteworthy that Elekta’s systems and clinical solutions are the result of strategic R&D decisions that were often taken several years ago. And I am convinced that our current product portfolio will be a crucial factor underlying Elekta’s continued profitable growth going forward.”

The Annual Report gives a brief introduction to Elekta, the operations of the company and the clinical solutions, IT systems and services developed and marketed by Elekta. In this year’s Annual Report, Elekta has chosen to focus on a selected number of areas which have been of importance during 2005/06 and are expected to be of importance for the future development of Elekta:

• Elekta - World leader in stereotactic solutions

• Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

• Elekta Axesse™

• IGRT in routine clinical use

• IT systems for cancer care

• Elekta in China

The Annual Report also contains a comprehensive Corporate Governance Report, which also highlights the instances where Elekta has chosen not to comply with what is recommended in the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. In the Board of Directors’ Report, the Board outlines Elekta’s continuous work in the area of business and operations responsibility and how the Elekta Code of Conduct is implemented in the organization and in the company’s business relations.

To request hardcopies of the Annual Report, please send an e-mail to ir@elekta.com.