PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, September 07, 2005 Elekta has published its Annual Report for fiscal year 2003/04. The report is available on www.elekta.com together with other documentation for the Annual General Meeting and also on www.waymaker.se.

The Annual Report gives an overview of today’s Elekta, a comprehensive provider of clinical solutions and information systems for treating cancer and brain disorders.

In April 2005, Elekta acquired IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. enabling Elekta to offer its customers a new broad range of medical IT systems for use in cancer care. The acquisition is an important addition to the Elekta Group and means that the company is ready to embrace the next phase in Elekta’s development.

In addition to presenting IMPAC’s operations and the Elekta’s extensive program for customer support – Elekta Lifecycle Services – the Annual Report gives extensive insight in Elekta’s six solution classifications:

- Precision Radiation Therapy

- Image Guided Radiation Therapy

- Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

- Gamma Knife® surgery

- Stereotactic Neurosurgery

- Functional Mapping

”Looking strategically ahead on a longer time horizon, it is clear that Elekta will continue its process of transformation from being primarily a supplier of equipment to becoming a comprehensive partner to the healthcare sector, delivering systems, clinical solutions and services for the entire treatment process within oncology and neurosurgery.”, writes Tomas Puusepp, President & CEO in the President’s comments.

To request hardcopies of the Annual Report, please send an e-mail to ir@elekta.com.