Elekta will provide treatment planning and information management systems for a major Proton Therapy facility in Prague, Czech Republic. The software solutions will facilitate the highest quality of patient care and lead to improved clinical efficiency.

Elekta is a key provider of software solutions in the Proton Therapy market, as evidenced by its inclusion in an international Proton Therapy site, the Proton Therapy Center Czech S.R.O. in Prague.

The Center will be equipped with MOSAIQ®, an intuitive, yet powerful oncology information system that increases process efficiency, allows real-time access to clinical information and facilitates the highest quality patient care.

“The workflow-centric approach of MOSAIQ will lead to increased patient comfort during the entire treatment process, as well as a high level of optimization of staffing activities on a daily basis”, says Benoit Raskin, Executive Director of Particle Oncology Solutions Integration at Ion Beam Applications (IBA), whose mission is to fight cancer through solutions for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

The Center will also be equipped with XiO®, a comprehensive system that combines the latest tools and most robust dose calculation algorithms to generate quick, accurate treatment plans. Developed more than a decade ago, XiO for Proton Therapy is in clinical use at more proton facilities than any other commercial vendor with a similar product.

Mr. Raskin says XiO delivers a comprehensive planning functionality that addresses all of IBA’s clinical needs. “It will support all proton treatment modalities: Scattered or Wobbled beams, Spot Scanning and Ocular treatment. XiO’s powerful automated planning tools reduce planning time and increase clinical efficiency, in even the most demanding environments.”

MOSAIQ, as well as XiO treatment planning software from Elekta are designed to support different types of radiation systems and modalities, including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). This is in keeping with Elekta’s long-standing history of supporting multiple vendors and open systems.

The combination of IBA’s leadership in proven, reliable Proton Therapy equipment and Elekta’s pioneering oncology software solutions is more than an integrated concept, says Mr. Raskin. “It’s the best of two worlds, united in a common strategy for excellent patient care in radiation oncology.”

Mr. Raskin says the oncology market is turning toward the benefits of Proton Therapy. “The strength of this therapy - great dose control and sparing of normal tissue - can enhance and increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy.”

"Elekta is delighted to be collaborating with IBA on this exciting opportunity,” says Stewart Pegrum, Director Elekta Particle Therapy. “Our common vision to provide optimized solutions for particle therapy is paramount to our continued goal of delivering the best in patient care."