Elekta Annual Report 2003/04 published

Elekta Annual Report 2003/04 published

Elekta has published its Annual Report for fiscal year 2003/04. The report is available on www.elekta.com together with other documentation for the Annual Genereal Meeting and also on www.waymaker.se.

With focus on Elekta's complete range of innovative treatment solutions and advanced equipment addressing radiotherapists' and neurosurgeons' needs for efficient treatments and diagnostic solutions, the Annual Report gives extensive insight in Elekta's six solution classifications:

- Precision Radiation Therapy

- Image Guided Radiation Therapy

- Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

- Gamma Knife® surgery

- Stereotactic Neurosurgery

- Functional Mapping

"As a result of our focus on research and development of new products over the past few years, Elekta has a product portfolio that is now stronger than ever before.", Laurent Leksell, President and CEO, concludes in the President's comments.

To request hardcopies of the Annual Report, please send an e-mail to ir@elekta.com.