PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, July 6, 2007 North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI) Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie began providing radiotherapy treatment services for the first time in the North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.

Cancer patients in New South Wales now have access to state-of-the-art treatments as the latest in image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) equipment from Elekta went clinical at both sites. The first treatment was a major step for a small centre introducing complex treatment technologies such as IMRT and IGRT on an Elekta Synergy® system advanced digital linear accelerator, supported by IMPAC MOSAIQ™ Oncology information system. The first patient treated had intermediate risk prostate cancer and was planned with MRI-CT fusion and fiducial marker insertion, and treated with dose-escalated 7-field IMRT with online cone-beam CT and electronic portal image verification.

“As a result of the technology now available at the NCCI, we will be able to provide patients with the most modern, highest quality radiation oncology treatment available in Australia,” said Area Director of Cancer Services A. Prof. Tom Shakespeare. “What’s really exciting is seeing this ground-breaking technology made available to smaller regional centres that have, until now, had no local access to radiotherapy. Even more impressive, is the fact that our team has been able to implement complex Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment modalities and adopt image guided treatment techniques from the start. This was accomplished in order to offer patients the highest possible quality of care. With the incredible support provided by Elekta, Coffs Harbour has evolved from a city without radiotherapy to a city with the highest quality radiotherapy in the region and our Port Macquarie centre also will start soon, offering the same impressive treatment capabilities. It is not surprising that we are now receiving referrals from across the state and even interstate.”

Elekta Synergy was selected for the NCCI following a competitive tender process and is considered the market-leading IGRT solution, revolutionizing radiotherapy by offering integrated 3D volumetric imaging at the time of treatment. By imaging patients in the treatment position during the actual time of treatment, Elekta Synergy is able to offer significantly greater treatment accuracy and higher confidence that the intended therapeutic dose is delivered to the patient as planned.

About the North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI)

The NCCI is a newly established Oncology service of the North Coast Area Health service. It incorporates new radiotherapy facilities at two sites along with established Medical Oncology services. The NCCI has integrated the radiotherapy service at two regional sites to promote and maximize quality. The NCCI sites are making extensive use of the available technology provided by Elekta and IMPAC to deliver the highest quality care. The Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie centres are located in the beautiful North coast region of New South Wales, Australia. Each site initially has been established as a single linear accelerator facility. The two centres provide health care services to a draining population of 200,000. Please visit and for more information about the North Coast Area Health Service and the North Coast Cancer Institute