PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, March 15, 2006 Elekta's advanced solutions for radiation oncology have recently been opened at the Warsaw Cancer Center in Poland. With their clinical launch of X-ray Volume Imaging, Warsaw Cancer Center becomes the first hospital in Poland to offer some of the latest and most advanced methods for radiation treatment of cancer using Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT).

Elekta Synergy®, now allows the clinicians at Warsaw Cancer Center to deliver more targeted treatments using intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). They have already established some new protocols for treatment, the results for which they intend to present at the ESTRO Annual Meeting in Leipzig later this year.

Throughout the verification period, the clinicians, many of who are new to this technology, were hugely encouraged by the results they obtained in such a short duration, especially in the irradiation of head and neck tumors in children.

“We are very satisfied with the new system. It has been implemented very smoothly and provides us and the Polish community with many new treatment opportunities. From an internal perspective patient setup verification procedures have been improved dramatically.” said Dr Anna Skowronska-Gardas, MD, Ph.D, Head of Radiotherapy Department.

“Our doctors and therapists adopted the VolumeView™ 3D imaging functionality so quickly, so easily and what is most important – so willingly. The implementation of IGRT is a real step change in technology for us, but it is extremely rewarding. Elekta Synergy gives us confidence, the feeling that you can do the right job.” She closed.

“We are really proud of what we’ve achieved with Elekta Synergy” says Jill Stief, Senior Product Manager – IGRT Solutions, from Elekta. “Not only is it still the only commercially available clinically developed IGRT solution comprising high resolution 3D imaging with a full suite of matching, registration and repositioning tools – it is also the only system which has been designed for IGRT from the ground up.”

“For example, Elekta Synergy is delivered with a suite of preprogrammed imaging protocols to support rapid start-up for new users. The head & neck protocol delivers only 0.9 mGy CTDIw to acquire a full 3D volume which can be acquired and automatically registered in a minute – ideal for the irradiation of head and neck tumors in children that the Warsaw Cancer Center wants to perform. The fast in-line reconstruction (simultaneous with image acquisition) and immediate availability of integrated 3D registration tools support the kind of quick decision making which is especially important for pediatric cases.”

"Performance enhancing features such as these were at the center of our decision to develop Elekta Synergy as an integrated system rather than a bolt-on accessory, and of course an additional benefit from the customer's point of view is clarity in what will be delivered – they actually receive all fully functional imaging modalities - PlanarView™ (radiographic), MotionView™ (fluoroscopic) and VolumeView™ (3D CBCT) with integrated workflow enhancing software tools and protocols, available from day one", concludes.

Elekta has lead the world with its introduction of a state-of-the-art digital linear accelerator with an integrated high resolution 3D X-ray volume imaging system. This technology makes it possible to visualize the target as a three dimensional volume, as well as surrounding bony anatomy and organs at risk, at the time of treatment, increasing precision and accuracy as well as reducing the risk of irradiating surrounding healthy tissue.