PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, December 12, 2005 Elekta has signed an agreement to deliver Leksell Gamma Knife® to Vietnam's largest regional government hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cho Ray Hospital is the largest regional government hospital in Vietnam with 1,800 beds. It acts as the central hospital, serving patients referred from southern and central Vietnam as well as Laos and Cambodia. Cho Ray Hospital runs the largest neurosurgical team in the country serving 15,000 neurology patients and performing over 2,500 neurosurgery procedures each year. Cho Ray Hospital has also the largest radiology and radiation oncology department with two linear accelerators and will now be the first hospital in Vietnam to offer Gamma Knife surgery.

“Our collaboration with Elekta stretches more than ten years back and we are very pleased that we from now on also can offer this state-of-the-art technology for non-invasive brain surgery”, notes Dr. Viet, Hospital Director at Cho Ray. “There are large groups of patients with brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations, and other brain disorders that will benefit from our purchase of Leksell Gamma Knife, not only Vietnamese but also patients from neighboring countries”, continues Dr. Viet.

The order was booked in October and delivery is scheduled for the beginning of Elekta’s fiscal year 2006/07.

Gamma Knife® surgery

Gamma Knife surgery is a non-invasive method for treating brain disorders. It is defined as the delivery of a single, high dose of radiation to a small and critically located intracranial volume through the intact skull. After Gamma Knife surgery, the patient normally leaves the hospital the same or the following day, making it a very cost effective alternative to open surgery.

Since its introduction, Leksell Gamma Knife® has revolutionized the treatment of brain disorders. Today, this treatment is offered by hundreds of leading hospitals and clinics around the world. Around 40,000 patients undergo Gamma Knife surgery every year, and this unique procedure has earned an outstanding scientific track record with thousands of peer reviewed articles on treatment efficacy, improved quality of life for patients and cost efficiency.