Elekta's share redemption program concluded


On November 11, 2003, the acceptance period for Elekta's offer for

redemption of shares expired.

The offer involved redemption of every seventeenth share held in Elekta

at a price of SEK 165 per share.

Based on the final count, 1,887,713 shares were tendered for redemption,

corresponding to 97.4 percent of the maximum number of shares that could

be redeemed in accordance with the offer. Approx. SEK 311.5 million will

thus be transferred to Elekta's shareholders.

Payment of the redemption amount is expected to be made at the end of

March 2004. This is caused by the fact that under Swedish law, when a

company decides to redeem shares by reducing the share capital, the

decision may not be effected without the permission of a Swedish court.

It is estimated that the court's permission will be obtained within 3-4

months from the end of the application period and that payment of the

redemption proceeds will occur as soon as reasonably practicable after

the court's permission has gained legal force.


About Elekta

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