Elekta receives orders for Leksell Gamma Knife® valued at SEK 280 Million

Elekta receives orders for Leksell Gamma Knife® valued at SEK 280 Million

Elekta has signed agreements to deliver Leksell Gamma Knife® equipment to the U.S., Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands and the Middle East. The agreements include delivery of Leksell Gamma Knife® equipment and reloads of existing installations. The total order value is approximately SEK 280 M. Most of the deliveries are planned for fiscal year 2001/2002.

The number of orders for Leksell Gamma Knife® units during fiscal year 2000/2001 has increased by 50 percent compared with previous year. At the end of April 2001 totally 152 Leksell Gamma Knife® units were installed worldwide.

"We view the order development of Leksell Gamma Knife® very positively. The U.S. and Japan continue to develop very strongly. We have also signed agreements in two new markets namely in the Netherlands and the Middle East", says Tomas Puusepp, responsible for Elekta's neurosurgery business.

"I am very glad that our intensive efforts in Europe start to show result. Europe has fewer Leksell Gamma Knife® units per capita than e.g. Japan and the U.S. so the delivery to the Netherlands is an important step in the right direction", adds Tomas Puusepp.

"An essential reason for the increased order bookings is the very positive reception in the market of the new generation of Leksell Gamma Knife®, model C. Both the number of orders for new installations and upgrades of existing systems have increased substantially", ends Tomas Puusepp.

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