PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, September 11, 2007 Elekta has published its Annual Report for fiscal year 2006/07. The report is available on www.elekta.com together with other documentation for the Annual General Meeting on September 25.

In the President’s comments, Tomas Puusepp, President & CEO of Elekta concludes that;

“Our product portfolio and its competitiveness underpin my confidence that Elekta will continue to develop positively in the coming years. /…/ In all our important markets, we are now in a position in which we have or are close to critical mass, which makes it possible to utilize economy of scale and which will generate possibilities for increased aftermarket sales. /…/ Elekta is steadily developing into a more comprehensive partner in healthcare by supplying systems, clinical solutions and services for the entire health chain within cancer treatment and neurosurgery. Elekta is also a partner to the healthcare providers in the work to develop and improve clinical and administrative procedures within cancer care aimed at helping our customers to improve the quality of care as well as productivity.”

The Annual Report gives an introduction to Elekta, the operations of the company and the clinical solutions, IT systems and services developed and marketed by Elekta as well as an overview of the market situation in Elekta’s three business regions.

The Annual Report also contains a comprehensive Corporate Governance Report, which also highlights the instances where Elekta has chosen not to comply with what is recommended in the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. In the Board of Directors’ Report, the Board outlines Elekta’s continuous work in the area of business and operations responsibility and how the Elekta Code of Conduct is implemented in the organization and in the company’s business relations.

To request hardcopies of the Annual Report, please send an e-mail to ir@elekta.com.