PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, March 24, 2006 In the ServiceTrak™ 2005 report by IMV, Ltd. (Greenbelt, MD), among U.S radiation therapists, physicists and administrators, Elekta customers gave a receipt on excellence in service of linear accelerators. Eighty-six percent of respondents rate their overall satisfaction with Elekta as "very good" or "excellent".

Elekta ranks first in the industry in 18 out of the 33 performance factors covered in the report, and scored better than the industry average in 21 attributes. In 12 categories, Elekta was rated above 5.0 ("very good"), and showed improvement in 27 attributes this year, with the most improved being overall satisfaction with the manufacturer (up 0.56 rating point). Subsequently, the probability of repurchase also improved (up 0.54).

With remote service available via broadband or modem to 17 percent of the Elekta respondents, Elekta's help desk is able to both diagnose and solve problems in over half of the cases, an ability that is unique in the industry. For Elekta, it takes 5.6 hours to provide a complete emergency repair cycle, which is about 1.8 hours faster than the industry average.

Elekta is top-ranked in the industry for the 6 OEM service engineer factors, showing significant improvements including timeliness of returning initial phone calls, effectiveness of phone troubleshooting, timeliness of on-site arrival, competence and attitude. Ninety-seven percent of respondents rate Elekta as "very good" or "excellent" on service engineer attitude.

“On behalf of our entire corps of service engineers, I am very proud of the results shown in the IMV study”, says Bill Yaeger, Vice President - Global Customer Service at Elekta. “As a result of several years of focused efforts to provide best-in-class service and support, we are now able to demonstrate excellence in service for our customers. With size and density of our U.S. installed base growing rapidly, our clear ambition is to continue along this path of value-enhancing improvements”, Bill Yaeger concludes.