PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, May 04, 2007 Vejle hospital has selected Elekta to supply world leading technology for intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy and two Elekta Synergy® systems will be installed during 2007 and 2008. Elekta Synergy allows the clinicians to visualize the target at the time of treatment, enabling more aggressive treatment of tumors with increased precision and accuracy while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The order is valued at over SEK 30 M.

Image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) has during the last couple of years become standard for new deliveries of radiation therapy solutions and Elekta Synergy is being established as the reference system for this more precise and accurate method for radiating cancer tumors.

Vejle is a modern hospital in the southern part of Jutland. When it was time to upgrade and increase treatment capacity at the oncology department, the hospital evaluated available technology and found Elekta Synergy to best meet the highly set criteria. Elekta Synergy makes it possible to precisely locate and position the tumors inside the patient on a day-to-day basis, which is an important advantage when treating many of the most common cancers such as prostate, breast and lung cancer. Based on high-resolution 3D images, the necessary fine adjustments are made in a matter of seconds while the patient is positioned in the treatment system.

“We have been working with Vejle hospital for many years and we are very pleased that they chose a solution from Elekta when it came to taking the next step in upgrading and expanding the hospital’s radiation therapy facility. It’s yet another proof of Elekta’s leading position in advanced clinical solutions for cancer treatment and shows that Elekta can offer solutions that is very well adapted to today’s customer demand”, summarizes Lennart Ward, Ph.D., Business Unit Manager Nordic & Baltic countries at Elekta.