PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, August 31, 2006 Elekta, a world leader in providing clinical solutions and information technology for treatment of cancer and brain disorders, has recently signed a 3-year agreement with US Oncology, outlining pricing as well as terms and conditions for Elekta's technology for intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy.

US Oncology is the nation's largest health-care services network devoted exclusively to cancer treatment and research, and a pioneer in community-based cancer care since 1993. Today, this network has of over 850 affiliated physicians at 460 sites of services, including 85 cancer centers, in 32 states. US Oncology delivers care to more than half a million cancer patients each year – including over 15 percent of all newly diagnosed U.S. cases and is serving more cancer patients than any other single health-care organization in America.

This agreement opens up the possibility for members of US Oncology to acquire advanced digital linear accelerators from Elekta, capable of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and 3D X-ray Volume Imaging for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), developed for addressing the problems of organ movement and patient set-up uncertainties in radiation therapy. Through this agreement, as US Oncology regional members evaluate their clinical strategies and equipment needs, they can now include Elekta as a vendor for consideration. The agreement parallels a current agreement between US Oncology and IMPAC Medical Systems, an Elekta company, covering software systems for improved efficiency across the spectrum of cancer care.

“We are proud to be associated with US Oncology and are looking forward for this new opportunity to provide the network members with the most advanced clinical solutions for IMRT and IGRT”, comments Anthony De Carolis, CEO of Elekta, Inc. and President of Elekta operations in North America.