PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, April 7, 2005

In accordance with the decision at the Annual General Meeting on September 21, 2004, the Chairman of the Board of Elekta AB, Mr Akbar Seddigh, today conducted a meeting with representatives for the company’s largest shareholders, forming a nomination committee. The committee will develop a proposal for members of the Board to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for decision as well as prepare other matters for the AGM.

The shareholders and their representatives who will participate in the nomination process prior to Elekta’s Annual General Meeting on September 21, 2005, are:

Robur Fonder, Marianne Nilsson

Egerton Capital Ltc, Charles Evans-Lombe

SHB/SPP Fonder, Torsten Johansson

Skandia Liv, Caroline af Ugglas

SEB Fonder, Björn Lind

Laurent Leksell (representing private and family holdings)

Akbar Seddigh, Chairman of the Board of Elekta AB

As of March 31, 2005, these shareholders together represent 40 percent of the votes in Elekta AB.

The nomination committee appointed Laurent Leksell as Chairman of the committee.