PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, September 25, 2007 Elekta has been selected by two progressive Italian hospitals opening up new radiation therapy clinics, to supply advanced and clinically proven cancer treatment systems for intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy (IMRT & IGRT). The two clinics will play an important role in their respective region to provide first class radiation therapy and to increase cancer treatment capacity.

S. Maria Annunziata Hospital, Florence and IRST Cancer Institute in Meldola, Forlì, will both open up new radiation therapy departments, and have chosen Elekta Synergy®, the leading system for advanced IMRT and 3D image guided radiation therapy. The orders combined are valued at over EUR 8 M and the systems will be installed in the autumn and winter 2007-08.

Elekta Synergy is an advanced digital linear accelerator integrating a suite of advanced imaging tools with a digital linear accelerator to allow 3D imaging at the time of treatment, providing clinicians with an unprecedented ability to accurately define and treat tumors.

This innovative radiation therapy treatment system directly addresses the two most persistent and significant problems in modern radiation therapy: internal organ motion and errors in patient set-up. The result is unmatched clinical confidence and enabling more aggressive treatment of tumors while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Today, in routine clinical use at hundreds of centers around the world, Elekta Synergy provides clinicians with an unprecedented ability to accurately define and treat tumors.

S. Maria Annunziata Hospital

S. Maria Annunziata Hospital, is equipping it’s new radiation therapy department with one Elekta Synergy system and one Elekta Synergy platform. When up and running the radiation cancer clinic will work in close collaboration with the radiation therapy department at Area Vasta Fiorentina, together creating a comprehensive cancer treatment network benefiting all citizens of Florence.

IRST Cancer Institute

Opened in 2004, the IRST Cancer Institute located in Meldola, Forlì in the Emilia Romagna region is a relative new cancer clinic, with a strong research focus, with Elekta Synergy installed, the IRST Cancer Institute will be part of a cancer care network that links several regional hospitals performing and studying advanced cancer treatment technologies.

At IRST Cancer Institute, Elekta will also install the MOSAIQ™ electronical medical records (EMR) system and several advanced solutions for high precision patient positioning and fixation, including HexaPOD™ for robotic corrections of the patients’ position in 6 degrees of freedom.

“Elekta is the leading provider of radiation therapy solutions in Italy. These assignments to equip two brand new departments with technology and software systems for image guided radiation therapy is further proof of the trust put in us by the Italian radiation therapy community. Just like their colleagues in other parts of the world, clinicians in Italy have been impressed by the options offered by Elekta Synergy and the interest for this unique technology is very strong. We are proud to partner with S. Maria Annunziata and IRST Cancer Institute in the quest to improve cancer care in Italy”, said Massimo Abbiati, Elekta’s Business Unit Manager in Italy.