Elekta announce first order for elekta synergy(TM) in Germany


University of Würzburg, Germany, has ordered the Elekta Synergytm S, the

next generation of linear accelerators for image-guided radiation

therapy of cancer (IGRT), adapted also for stereotactic radiation


While intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) has increased the

precision of radiation delivery, organ motion still presents an obstacle

to delivering the radiation with high accuracy. Elekta Synergytm S will

provide imaging of the patient's organs in treatment position and at

time of treatment so physicians at University of Würzburg will be able

to adjust their protocol based on the daily position of target and

critical organs.

The order includes the new and advanced X-ray Volume Imaging (XVI)

equipment for high resolution 3-D imaging of the patient in the

treatment position as well as other equipment such as PrecisePLAN®, the

Elekta 3-D planning system that integrates the planning functions

associated with Elekta Synergytm.

While Elekta Synergytm systems have been ordered from other parts of

Europe, this order from the leading radiation therapy institution at

University of Würzburg is the first in Germany.

The initial delivery will comprise of the basic system components,

Elekta Synergytm Platform, Stereotactic Body Frame®, Active Breathing

Coordinator and PrecisePLAN®.

The price range for a complete package for planning and delivery of

image-guided and stereotactic radiation therapy is approx. 2.5-2.9 MUSD,

depending on scope of supply and specifications.

Today, over half of the radiation therapy systems now being shipped by

Elekta worldwide are Elekta Synergytm Platform, a linear accelerator

ready to accept XVI imaging and advanced Beam Modulation in the future.

This rapid acceptance of Elekta's equipment for IGRT is partly based on

the result of the successful work of the four research sites that form

the Elekta Synergytm research group;

· Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada

· William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

· Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK

· The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Currently the unique X-ray Volume Imaging (XVI) technology is only

installed on the four systems of this research group, which is currently

developing image-guided protocols to reduce or eliminate the problem of

organ motion.

The Elekta Synergytm research platforms provides 3-D volume imaging of

soft and bony tissue, adding accuracy to the precision of conformal

techniques such as IMRT. 3-D volume imaging will provide more and better

information for clinicians to make informed decisions on new clinical

techniques that target cancer with higher precision and with less risk

for complications.