PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, March 9, 2005 University Erasmus Medical Centre of Rotterdam – Daniel den Hoed, a leading center for oncology, both in research and in treatment, has signed a contract to acquire two Elekta Synergy®, the world-leading system for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). The linear accelerators will connect to the clinic's multi-vendor environment through Multi-ACCESS™, the market leading oncology management system from IMPAC Medical Systems.

Previously equipped with 10 linear accelerators from other suppliers, Erasmus MC – Daniel den Hoed has now selected Elekta as partner in its quest to further enhance precision and quality in cancer treatment and research.

Elekta Synergy® is the first linear accelerator with integrated kilovoltage X-ray Volume Imaging for high resolution 3D imaging and still the only such device in routine clinical use. This technology makes it possible to visualize the target as a three dimensional volume, as well as surrounding tissue, at the time of treatment, increasing precision and accuracy as well as reducing the risk of irradiating surrounding healthy tissue.

“Using the Elekta 4D Adaptive™ IGRT solution, where time is the fourth dimension, we will be able to increase precision and, for example, monitor organ movement during the treatment and also see changes since the time of the previous X-ray”, explains Professor P.C. Levendag, M.D. PhD, head of the department for Radiation Oncology at Erasmus MC, leading an expert centre in IGRT.

The decision to choose Elekta was highly influenced by the company’s commitment to develop new and advanced treatment methods through clinical research. “I particularly appreciate Elekta’s dedication to research and long-standing relationship”, Professor Levendag continues, “When we decide on acquiring a clinical solution, we are very keen on the long-term partnership aspect. And above all, we want to conduct research in close cooperation with our suppliers. Partnering with a linear accelerator supplier is not just about the equipment specifications. Installing a machine is one thing. Installing and maintaining a machine as well as support the clinical development, that’s something different and Elekta has shown a strong commitment to work with customers long-term, rather than rushing out new technology.”

Adding Elekta Synergy® into a multi-vendor environment requires an open connectivity information management software solution. A few years ago, Erasmus MC changed the clinics administrative software to Multi-ACCESS™ from IMPAC Medical Systems.

Multi-ACCESS™ is IMPAC’s comprehensive oncology management system that combines both clinical and practice management functionality in a single, integrated solution. With a modular design, the system gives clinics the ability to choose applications that meet the immediate requirements and the flexibility to expand the system as changes are required.

“The switch to Multi-ACCESS™ came about after a suggestion from Elekta”, says Professor Levendag. “Even if we were discouraged by other vendors, we took a decision we have had no reason to regret. We had technicians in over the weekend, and on Monday, the system worked impeccably. It’s an excellent system”, Professor Levendag concludes.

Elekta and IMPAC are currently cooperating through a Sales Consulting Agreement, under which Elekta offers IMPAC's oncology information system products and services, including the recently announced MOSAIQ™ (work in progress) image-enabled EMR (electronic medical record) in select markets around the world.

On January 18, 2005, an agreement was announced under which Elekta will acquire IMPAC, enabling Elekta to offer customers a new, broad array of health care information products for clinical, administrative, outcomes and decision support purposes. The merger is contingent upon approval of the transaction by IMPAC’s stockholders, receipt of Hart-Scott-Rodino regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. IMPAC intends to hold a special stockholders meeting to approve the merger in April and to close the transaction shortly thereafter.