Elekta AB - Three month interim report May – July 2007/08

• Order bookings rose 15 percent to SEK 1,136 M (987). Based on unchanged exchange rates order bookings rose 20 percent. Order backlog on July 31, 2007 was at an all time high level of SEK 4,419 M. • Net sales declined 2 percent to SEK 975 M (996). Based on unchanged exchange rates net sales rose 2 percent. • Operating profit amounted to SEK 36 M (85) and operating margin was 4 percent (9). • Profit after taxes amounted to SEK 20 M (60). Earnings per share after dilution was SEK 0.22 (0.63). • Cash flow from operating activities improved by SEK 84 M to negative SEK 28 M (neg. 112). Cash flow after investments was negative SEK 145 M (neg. 142). Acquisition was included with SEK 95 M (-). • As a result of high delivery volumes in the second quarter, operating profit for the first half of the year is expected to be significantly higher compared with the corresponding period last year. For full year 2007/08, Elekta reiterates the outlook of a net sales growth of over 10 percent in local currency and an operating profit growth of over 30 percent. President & CEO Tomas Puusepp comments:

“During the first part of fiscal year 2007/08, we continue to see strong demand, not least in North and South America, where Elekta is further strengthening its position despite hard competition. Order bookings for Q1 increased by 46 percent in local currency and on a rolling 12-month basis, order bookings have increased by 13 percent in SEK terms, despite a considerable impact from a declining US dollar. More and more customers carry out serious evaluation of different suppliers, which is positive for us.

Looking at Europe, we have signed significant orders in Greece, Italy and Austria during the summer and fall, where we equip new hospitals or replace systems from other suppliers.

In Asia, we get positive signals from the Chinese market, which should result in improved order bookings from the second quarter.

Also this year, delivery volumes during the summer months were low, resulting as expected in a start of the year with a weak quarter in terms of profitability.

The increase of selling, administrative and R&D expenses in the first quarter compared to the same period last year is SEK 49 M. Cost is on the level of the third and fourth quarter last year and in line with our plan.

To a large extent, the increase over last year is explained by the integration of new entities into the Group such as BMEI, 3D Line and a new sales company.

During the second quarter, delivery volumes will be considerably higher and subsequently, the operating result for the first half of the year is expected to be significantly higher compared with last year.

Also during the second half of the year, we expect considerably higher delivery volumes compared to Q1 and as an effect, I expect gross margin to improve, while fixed cost will only increase marginally.

For the fiscal year in total, I therefore expect that we will be able to reach our targets of net sales growth exceeding 10 percent in local currency and an operating result growth exceeding 30 percent.

Since we set the targets for this fiscal year, currency has developed in a way that is negative for Elekta. However, this will be compensated for by continued efficiency improvements. Within the Elekta Group, we have a program ongoing to change the currency profile of our cost structure, by transferring more of our sourcing and production to countries where the cur-rency is connected to the US dollar.

Cash flow after investments but before acquisitions for the first quarter was SEK 92 M better than the corresponding period last year, primarily as a result of our ability to reduce accounts receivable by SEK 160 M during the quarter.”