Stockholm, August 2, 2004

Elekta IntelliMax®, the new proactive Intelligent Device Management (IDM) system from Elekta, is now operational with Elekta linear accelerators at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Cookridge in Great Britain.

This breakthrough Intelligent Device Management system establishes a continuous and safe internet-based dialogue between a clinic's Elekta Synergy® or Elekta Precise Treatment System® and a designated Elekta Service Center to maximize clinical availability and performance.

Elekta IntelliMax® directly addresses three significant challenges faced by healthcare providers: reducing operational costs, improving customer service and increasing equipment uptime.

Tomas Puusepp, Elekta's Executive Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Service, acknowledged the aptness of the new product's name, "Elekta IntelliMax® is defined as the active monitoring, management and service of networked devices, wherein the device intelligence is shared and, if necessary, actions are taken to maximize performance. Elekta IntelliMax® adds Intelligent Device Management to our proven treatment platforms, creating systems that are truly reliable and cost-efficient."

Elekta is the first and only radiation therapy equipment vendor to have fully digitally controlled linear accelerators in clinical use and the first to utilize digital device intelligence to actively monitor, manage and service linacs to ensure smoother patient flows.

"An Elekta linear accelerator can tell you things no other linear accelerator can because it's all digital. And now with this IDM solution, Elekta linacs - not just discrete systems, but the entire linac, can provide rich data and proactive troubleshooting second to none," added Puusepp.

Elekta IntelliMax® uses state-of-the-art Intelligent Device Management technology that leverages the digital control systems of the treatment equipment itself. This means routine maintenance checks can now be performed proactively, decreasing the need for onsite visits and service interruptions.

For example, every 15 seconds Elekta IntelliMax® equipped linear accelerators automatically perform a system review and report findings securely to their designated Elekta Service Center (designed to comply with HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11). Equipment performance and utilization can be increased substantially with this full-time monitoring, management and service.

The Elekta IntelliMax® services installed now include:

a) Connect, which is the basic intelligent communication and remote access module that provides secure, controlled remote session and guided application advice,

b) Optimization Services, for custom-made report generation and simplified QA administration,

c) Performance Services, to increase effectiveness of planned maintenance, and

d) Software Management Services, for secure and traceable software downloads and installations.

"With the introduction of Elekta IntelliMax®, Elekta is leading the efforts to increase the precision and availability of radiotherapy delivery by limiting or even eliminating the need to take equipment out of service for re-calibration and corrective maintenance," says Bill Yaeger, Vice President, Global Customer Service & After Sales for Elekta.

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