Board's proposal for redemption of shares in Elekta


· The Board proposes a redemption of every seventeenth share for SEK

165 per share

· Through the redemption, approximately SEK 319.8 million is proposed

to be transferred to the shareholders

The Board of Directors of Elekta AB (publ) has today established the

conditions for its proposal regarding redemption of shares to the Annual

General Meeting to be held on September 22, 2003. According to the

proposal, every seventeenth share may be redeemed for SEK 165 in cash.

For every share held in Elekta, one redemption right will be received.

Seventeen redemption rights entitle the holder to redeem one share.

Assuming full acceptance of the redemption offer, approximately 1.9

million shares will be redeemed and approximately SEK 319.8 million

transferred to the shareholders in Elekta.

Time table (assuming the Annual General Meeting's approval):

Last day of trading shares in Elekta

including redemption rights: September 30, 2003

First day of trading shares in Elekta

excluding redemption rights : October 1, 2003

Record date for receiving redemption rights: October 3, 2003

Information brochure and application

form distributed: October 8, 2003

Application period: October 13 - November 11, 2003

Trading in redemption rights on

Stockholmsbörsen October 13 - November 6, 2003

A sale of up to 2,000 redemption rights free of commission will be

provided through D. Carnegie AB ("Carnegie") during October 13 - October

31, 2003 following a specific application procedure. Before payment of

the redemption proceeds can be made, the court's permission must be

obtained and the permission registered with the Swedish Patent and

Registration Office, which is estimated to take place at the end of

March 2004.

Carnegie is the financial advisor to Elekta AB in connection with the

redemption offer.