Interim report for the three-month period May 1–July 31, 2005

• Order bookings rose 38 percent to SEK 952 M (688). At unchanged exchange rates order bookings increased by 36 percent. The order backlog was on an all time high level of SEK 3,777 M • Net sales increased 21 percent to SEK 869 M (717). At unchanged exchange rates net sales increased by 20 percent. • Low delivery volumes in the first quarter resulted in an operating profit of SEK 35 M (81) and operating margin amounted to 4 (11) percent. On a rolling 12-month basis, operating margin was 10 percent. • Profit after taxes amounted to SEK 20 M (59). Earnings per share after dilution amounted to SEK 0.63 (1.89). • Cash flow after investments was negative SEK 153 M (neg. 112). • The acquisitions of IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. has strengthened Elekta's position in the North American market. Nearly half of order bookings within oncology are now from customers at which Elekta's equipment was not previously installed. • Elekta repeats its future prospects for full-year 2005/06 of sales growth in local cur-rency of 10-15 percent for comparable units and an operating margin of 11-13 percent. During the second quarter delivery volumes are expected to rise sharply compared to the first quarter and the operating margin to be 11-13 percent.

For the full report, please see enclosed pdf file.