PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, Sweden, December 6, 2006 Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre (TSRCC), one of North America's largest cancer care centers, has purchased two Elekta Synergy® systems and will be one of the first centers in North America to install MOSAIQ™ Oncology PACS from IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc., an Elekta company.

The Elekta linear accelerators were procured under a recently signed four-year purchase agreement with Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), an agency which advises the Ontario government on all aspects of cancer care. TSRCC already has IMPAC’s oncology information management system and will extend its capability with IMPAC’s MOSAIQ oncology-specific picture archival and communication system (PACS).

Elekta Synergy is the market-leading image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) solution, revolutionizing radiotherapy by offering integrated 3D volumetric imaging at the time of treatment. By imaging patients in the treatment position during the actual time of treatment, Elekta Synergy is able to offer significantly greater treatment accuracy and higher confidence that the intended therapeutic dose is delivered to the patient as planned.

IMPAC’s information technology solutions optimize radiation oncology workflow and support retrieval and management of data stored by other hospital departments as needed for IGRT. While general radiology PACS are not designed to tightly integrate with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), MOSAIQ Oncology PACS is connected through the foundation of MOSAIQ EMR, maintaining consistent, comprehensive access to patient delivery and imaging data for oncologists. This allows physicians to see images along with treatment histories, protocol notes, treatment set-up parameters, quantitative image guidance results and other insightful information in DICOM, DICOM RT and non-DICOM formats.

“With the purchase of two Elekta Synergy systems, TSRCC will be able to provide patients with the highest quality of radiation oncology treatment,” said Mark Symons, General Manager for Elekta Canada. “What is really exciting is to see their deployment of the MOSAIQ Oncology PACS to provide clinicians and administrators with the tools they need to better integrate and manage workflow.”

“With these infrastructure enhancements, our radiation health care professionals will have the state-of-the-art information and treatment tools they need to provide the highest level of patient care and departmental efficiency,” said Dr. Shun Wong, Professor and Chief of the Department of Radiation Oncology at TSRCC/Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.