iViewGT® portal imaging system from Elekta gains 510(k) clearance from US Food and Drug Administration

iViewGT® portal imaging system from Elekta gains 510(k) clearance from US Food and Drug Administration

iView® Guided Therapy (iViewGT®) brings a new degree of flexibility and confidence to image guided therapy and IMRT through high-resolution, high-contrast images, which enables faster verification of dose conformance.

The driving force in radiotherapy continues to be improved clinical outcomes, greater cost efficiency, and increased revenue. To achieve these goals along with improved accuracy of delivery, faster treatment cycle times and lower cost of ownership are a pre-requisite. As conformal techniques progress to full dynamic intensity modulation the assurance of accurate target localization is more vital than ever.

"With iViewGT® superb quality images are available within a fraction of a second, paving the way for image guided and conformal therapies, stated Peter Gaccione, Vice President, Oncology for Elekta. "This provides accurate target localization throughout the treatment course, which combined with increased delivery accuracy, opens up the opportunity for improved clinical outcomes for all disease sites."

Clinical studies1,2 at the University Medical Center (UMC), Utrecht, The Netherlands have already shown the feasibility of marker guided position verification to improve conformal delivery to the prostate by avoiding errors from set-up and organ motion. "Sophisticated techniques like IMRT highlight the importance of target verification, if the dose is being increased knowing the exact target location is essential to avoid dose to healthy tissue" stated Aart Nederveen from UMC. "Using marker guided position verification has enabled us to increase the dose level to 76 Gy for our prostate treatments."

iViewGT® provides the largest field of view accommodating all major clinical techniques in a single image. The solid-state detector delivers excellent image quality and clear anatomical definition while the rapid, low noise image acquisition allows real-time modification of set-up prior to treatment delivery.

iViewGT® is part of Elekta's PreciseNET philosophy that enables open connectivity between Elekta systems and other manufacturers. PreciseNET enables seamless data transfer between systems to enable efficient implementation of advanced techniques such as IMRT. iViewGT® forms an integral part of Elekta's complete, integrated IMRT solution with Elekta's fully digital Precise Treatment System®, comprising Desktop control system, Precise Table and integrated MLC. The full process is completed by PreciseSIM® and connection to any DICOM compatible treatment planning system, such as Elekta's exclusive ePinnaclePRO. Together with strategic business partners Marconi Medical Systems, Nucletron, MDS Nordion and ADAC, Elekta provides the most complete set of "best in class" clinical solutions in the medical industry.

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