Elekta will give visitors to the annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) in Orlando, Florida on May 3-5 the first look at the new Leksell Gamma Knife® 4C, the most recent version of Elekta's successful radiosurgery weapon in the fight against brain disorders. In addition, the company will preview the revolutionary Elekta Synergy® S, the ideal extracranial counterpart to Leksell Gamma Knife®.

"Elekta has long been recognized as an innovator, providing highly precise, specialized intracranial and extracranial treatment solutions," says Jim Rose, Vice President and head of marketing at Elekta North America. "We are convinced that having dual platforms is the optimum treatment solution in terms of effectiveness and business success. And that approach has been consistently validated by researchers, clinicians and patients."

"While some companies' limited clinical experience lead them to tout claims of 'all in one', Elekta refuses to compromise on delivery methods that could ultimately result in diminished accuracy and effectiveness," explained Rose. "Instead, we believe that having specialized Leksell Gamma Knife® and Elekta Synergy® platforms not only leads to unmatched precision and the highest possible quality of care, it allows centers to maintain healthier case loads while meeting the specific needs of both neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists.

Leksell Gamma Knife® 4C

The new features in Leksell Gamma Knife® 4C are designed to improve workflow, increase accuracy and provide integrated imaging capabilities. The integrated imaging, powered by Leksell GammaPlan® 4C with MultiView®, offers users an unprecedented ability to integrate images from multiple sources to achieve the most accurate treatment capability ever. Using Leksell Gamma Knife® 4C, physicians can visualize and analyze the target in three dimensions and real time.

Groundbreaking Radiation Oncology Technology

Elekta will also exhibit the groundbreaking Elekta Synergy® S system, the next generation of technological advancement in stereotactic radiation therapy, at AANS. Elekta Synergy® S integrates 3D X-ray volume imaging and treatment together in a single platform and provides an ideal, highly accurate, high precision, extracranial complement to Leksell Gamma Knife®.

Elekta Synergy® S combines real-time imaging capabilities with the unique, fully integrated Beam Modulator®. The system provides fine resolution beam shaping for challenging extracranial indications, where treatment objectives typically include increasing dose, limiting the volume of normal tissue exposed to radiation, and decreasing the number of treatment sessions. Elekta Synergy® S is a work in progress and not available for sale or distribution.